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What does good data look like?

Martin Doyle October 5th, 2021 Article
Conducting any form of research into data will likely turn up multiple blogs, articles and statistics on bad data and how it can impact y...

How Dirty is Your Data?

Martin Doyle July 12th, 2021 Article, News
Last week was National Hygiene Week, a particularly pertinent theme given the last year and a half. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve a...

DQ Studio Wins Gold

Martin Doyle April 8th, 2021 Article
We are thrilled to have been announced as a gold medallist in the 2021 Data Quality Data Quadrant Awards. Organised by software and clien...

The Dataverse: How DQ Can Help

Martin Doyle April 1st, 2021 Article
As we all know, data is all pervasive in today’s business world. Now generated in huge quantities, it resides in the Dataverse. But what ...
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