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Unlock your full business potential with higher-quality customer data 

As an award-winning Microsoft software company, we know that customer data plays a vital role in the success of any organisation.

Say goodbye to the limitations of poor-quality customer data and unleash your full business potential with our Data Quality, Cleansing, Migration, Integration, and Deduplication solutions.

Let us empower your organisation to achieve more with valuable insights from high-quality customer data.

Solve your customer data quality challenges with DQ Global

Dq Customer Data Deduplication

Customer Data Deduplication

Remove duplicate data within a data set, and ensure excess copies of the same data are eliminated.

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dq Single Customer View

Single Customer View

Achieve a consistent and comprehensive view of all of your customer data with a Single Customer View.

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Dq CRM Data Quality

Customer Data Quality Improvement

Improve the quality of your customer data within CRMs, ERPs and marketing software.

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Dq data cleansing

Customer Data Cleansing

Correct poor quality and inaccurate data from a database, record set or table.

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Dq Customer Data Migration

Customer Data Migration

Extract customer data from one or more data sources and consolidate it into a target system.

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Dq Customer Data Integration

Customer Data Integration

Consolidate your customer data between disparate systems for shared use and understanding.

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Dq Master Data Management

Master Data Management

Manage your critical data to provide a Master Golden Record through a Master Data Management Process.

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Dq Customer Data Governance

Customer Data Governance

Manage the availability, usability, integrity and security of your customer data and systems.

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Looking to unlock the full potential of your customer data, but struggling with data quality issues? Our DQ Discovery Call service is here to help! Our team of experts will analyze the root causes of your data quality challenges and provide you with practical solutions to transform your customer data into a powerful tool for success.

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Our solutions

We have a range of data quality solutions to help you with your specific data quality challenges.

Whether its a simple solution built into your Dynamics CRM, on Microsoft Excel or your own personalised solution, we have you covered.

What we help with

Throughout the years we have tackled a wide array of data quality challenges at DQ Global, requiring us to provide innovative software solutions that are constantly developed upon.

Whether it’s data migration and customer data deduplication, we have the software tools for you, take a look at the common data quality challenges we help solve.

Our Data Quality Software Solutions

Dynamics logo - crm data cleansing

DQ for Dynamics™

Advanced CRM deduplication & cleansing

Studio Logo - CRM data cleansing

DQ Studio™

All in one data migration & integration engine

On Demand Logo - CRM data cleansing

DQ on Demand™

A complete suite of data quality improvement services

DQ For Excel

DQ for Excel™

The ultimate solution for customer data improvement in Excel

DQ 360

DQ 360™

Actively manage your customer data using event-based triggers

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The best way to learn more about how our solutions can help is to let us know more about your data challenge.

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