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DQ Blog Article Meet Rob, One of our Software Developers

Meet Rob, One of our Software Developers

Sarah Morrison June 22nd, 2022 Article, News
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Meet one of our Software Developers… Robert Tootill. Rob joined us after he graduated from the University of Portsmouth in 2021 with a Masters of Engineering in Computer Science. After previously taking a placement in automated software testing Rob knew this was a job path he would love.

As a Software Developer, Rob’s typical day at work consists of liaising with clients on projects, providing helpful knowledge and developing our in house software (DQ for Excel) which will be coming out soon!

It’s coming up to Robs one year anniversary with DQ Global, so we thought we would get to know him a little bit better with some quick fire questions!

If you could only pick three foods to eat for a month, which foods would you choose?

Tuna, mayo, tiger bread… that right there is a recipe for a great sandwich! It’s also something I’ve come to been known for.

If all the superheroes went to battle against each other, who do you think would win?

According to “The Ultimate Showdown” (22/12/05), a battle in which many of pop culture’s greatest icons take part, Mister Rogers of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood will emerge victorious, so that’s who my money’s on.

What qualities do you seek in an ideal teammate?

Knowledge of three things; Data, CRM systems and Pokémon.

What’s your favourite real-life team of any sort?

I support Arsenal in football and I’ve managed to make them ten-time consecutive winners of the premier league in Football Manager 2022.

As a child, were you more often naughty or nice?

I think I was a nice child, a little shy people would say, however, I was implicated in the breaking of another child’s wrist. The story goes that I (a child at the time) was at a playground, a group of children and I were using a roundabout apparatus, I was tasked with spinning the device whilst the other children sat on it. At one point a child jumped off, my friend Rosa, she broke her wrist when she landed. Ever a believer in autonomy, I contested that it was her fault for jumping off. Her mother disagreed, my mother supported me and by doing so I had committed my second act of violence for the day, ending our mothers’ friendship. So, to answer the question, I don’t know.

And finally, what do you like about working for DQ Global?

I like that I get to work on interesting challenges and that I get to use new technologies to solve them. I enjoy working in our team of developers, doing parallel programming and reviewing each other’s work. It was also great when I got free ice cream for my birthday!