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STEP 3: Understand where you are and define your CRM deduplication goals

Establishing what stage you are at in your customer deduplication journey is the first step. Gathering answers to questions like these will help frame where you are in your deduplication journey.

  1. Have the senior executives in the business agreed on the benefits of higher-quality data?
  2. When was the last time the organisation performed a large project to cleanse their customer data?
  3. Has the organization set rules and guidelines for how data should be organized and used, including rules from auditors and regulators?
  4. Does the organization track and try to improve data quality using set measurements and reporting?
  5. Are there clear job roles for managing customer data and are these processes clearly defined?
  6. Do the systems have all the necessary information and relationships for managing and maintaining: Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities and custom entities?

Clear insight into where you are in your customer data deduplication journey will help you plan where you want to be and how to get there.


Deduplication goals setting

STEP 4: Implement a clear plan to achieve your deduplication goals

Once you have established your deduplication goals you need to create a clear plan to ensure everyone within the company will adhere to it and prevent the risk of more duplicates.

If you’re already dealing with duplicates, searching for contacts that share the same information and merging them is your best bet.

For example after bulk deduplication, a clear set of rules on how you enter data into your CRM is required. This is needed to ensure that every staff member is aware of how to correctly use the CRM system and reduce the risk of human error.

Prevention is always better than cure, ensuring a clear plan to tackle data quality issues will help your company have trust and a better relationship with your CRM.


LinkedIn Single Image Consolidate #1

STEP 5: Reach out if the task is too big or when the Out-Of-the-Box tools are not enough

Sometimes the tools provided in a CRMs out-of-the-box functions are simply not enough. For example, Microsoft Dynamics can only merge two contacts at once, the time taken to work through your duplicates and their field level survivorship is time you simply cannot spare

Our software has been designed to provide Dynamics 365 users and CRM admins with the ability to manage and maintain CRM data quality when the out-of-the-box Dynamics tool is just not up to the job and you need more help.

DQ for Dynamics™ works right inside Dynamics 365 to make Cleansing of Dynamics CRM Records easy – you can Capture, Cleanse and Consolidate the records in your system to provide you with a Single Customer View and automatically master your customer data to ensure is is truly fit for business use.

Learn more about DQ for Dynamics Consolidate


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