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Advanced duplication detection solution for Dynamics 365. Match, Master & Merge duplicate records to create a single, consolidated view of your D365 records

DQ for Dynamics Consolidate is designed to help you tackle duplicate records when the out-of-the-box duplicate detection and merge tools just aren’t enough.  Access powerful additional capabilities whether On-PremiseOn-Line or Internet-Facing which will allow you to operate and automate:


Apply powerful fuzzy matching algorithms
Review multiple Dynamics 365 deduplication records at once
Remove duplicates standard and custom entities
Schedule sessions to match, master and merge records
No Code Application - All drag and drop
Install within 30 minutes

The Consolidation Process

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Find duplicate records with our in-built matching logic.

Surface duplicate records fast and return them to your users ready for mastering.

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Master your Golden Record right within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Select your best record along with its best fields, then see it update live in your CRM.

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Take back ownership of your data and assign records for users to review.

Merge records to create a single record view

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Ensure you have consistent data that you can trust.

Build automation rules then schedule sessions to run and constantly monitor your data.

DQ for Dynamics Consolidate Features

Fuzzy Fonetix Record Matching & Data Transformations
Fuzzy Matching & Data Transformations

Uncover non-identical duplicate records using our advanced similarity (Fonetix) algorithms, supported by our library of over 4 million data transformations.

These work in 5 spoken languages and have been proven with hundreds of clients over the last 20+ years.

Automated Record Matching & Review
Automated Record Matching & Review

Save time manually identifying and merging duplicates, create automated routines using an easy 5 step process to identify duplicate records within your Dynamics 365 CRM.

Return groups of duplicates to a review screen allowing data stewards to process duplicate results with ease, and reduce your duplicate review time by up to 75%.

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Multi Record Review

With our multi-record review screen, you will rapidly see all of your duplicate records side by side.

Choose the best record from your duplicate set and then select the best field value(s) to populate your golden record saving hours if not days of human review time.

Automated Duplicate Record Processing
Automated Duplicate Record Processing

Automating processes and applying rules to exceptions can save time and allow for reallocation of resources.

Matching sessions can be scheduled to monitor CRM data, and duplicates can be automatically handled by selecting the “best record” and filling it with data to create a “Golden Record”.

Lead Record Management
Lead Record Management

Identify and remove duplicates from the lead entity and improve your sales processes by cross comparing leads to contacts or accounts.

Mitigate the risk of reputational damage and ensure you have a single record view within your business applications.

All Deployments
All Deployments

Deploy DQ for Dynamics online, on-premise or on-premise internet facing.

Wherever your data resides, be sure that you have the necessary tools to overcome poor data quality.

The Benefits of DQ for Dynamics Consolidate

Creates a trusted single customer view
Mitigates the risk of GDPR fines
Saves time through automation
Improves customer database management
Reduces data storage costs
Increases confidence in customer data

Other DQ for Dynamics Capabilities


Fuzzy Record Search

Search effortlessly finds what you need, when you need it, freeing you from the frustrations of information hunting.


Data Capture

Capture ensures every entry into your CRM is consistent, complete, and unique, preventing you from the chaos of data errors.


Bulk Cleanse

Cleanse offers a user-friendly bulk data cleansing tool, saving you from the hard task of constant CRM data cleaning.

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