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Match, Master and Merge Duplicate Records to create a Single Customer View within Microsoft D365

DQ for Dynamics™ Consolidate is designed to help you tackle duplicate records when the out-of-the-box duplicate detection and merge tools just aren’t enough. Run match sessions to find duplicate records using fuzzy matching logic and a library of data transformations, then present groups of duplicates back to users for duplicate review. Quickly select your best record and seamlessly create a single customer view within your Dynamics 365 instance.

What is DQ for Dynamics™ Consolidate?

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Fuzzy Matching & Data Transformations

Discover more duplicate records by utilising our vast library of data transformations to standardise data. Further increase the number of results by using fuzzy matching logic, proven over the past 20+ years.

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Bulk Matching

Work through an easy 5 step process to surface duplicate records within your Dynamics 365. Return groups of duplicates to a results screen which in turn gives you the ability to process your duplicate results and decrease your review time by up to 75%.

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Multi Record Review

Gain a complete view of your duplicate records on our multi record review screen. Select your best record from a set of duplicates and then select the best field value to create you golden record and single version of the truth, saving your hours/days of review time.

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Bulk Processing

Automate the process and humanise the exceptions. Build automation rules to automate the processing of duplicate CRM records. First, select your best record by defining master record rules, and then define best field rules prior to accepting and merging duplicate records within Dynamics. Then, schedule sessions to run and constantly monitor your data, so you don’t have to anymore.

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Lead Management

Remove duplicates from your sales process by cross comparing leads to contacts or account. Decrease the change of reputation damage and ensure you have a single record view within your business applications.

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All Deployments

Deploy DQ for Dynamics™ online, on-premise or on-premise internet facing. Wherever your data resides, be sure that you can have the necessary tools to overcome poor data quality.

Four-Step process to CRM success

MultiRecordReview white 01 1.

Find duplicate records with our in-built matching logic. Surface duplicate records fast and return them to your users ready for mastering.

Graduation Cap 2.

Master your Golden Record right within Microsoft Dynamics. Select your best record along with its best fields, then see it update live in your CRM.

Arrows 3.

Take back ownership of your data and assign records for users to review. Merge records to create a single record view that you can trust.

Maintain 4.

Cleanse records to ensure no duplicates enter your system and data is cleansed upon entry to your CRM.

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The results were a success, through the flexibility of being able to add new fields to the output we went from reviewing 50 duplicates to 70 duplicates per hour in no time at all.  In total, over a seven-week period, a team of three people reviewed, perfected and merged 18,000 records.

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DQ for Dynamics™ Editions

14 Day Free Trial

- Start your Data Quality Journey with a 14-day free trial

- Uncover the number of duplicates in your Dynamics CRM

- Discover how you utilise DQ for Dynamics™ to manage a small subset data


- Release the potential of DQ for Dynamics™ to process your duplicate records

- Manually process duplicates to regain trust in your CRM data

- Recommended for companies with small to medium datasets



- Unleash the full potential of DQ for Dynamics™ with our Master Edition

- Unlock advanced automation rules to master your data and save hours of review time

- Recommended for companies with larger datasets

Compare Editions

Features Trial Foundation Master Developer
Users 1 5 10
Match Sessions 5
Duplicate Review Groups 10
Time To Deploy 1hr 1hr 1hr -
Time To Configure 1hr 2hrs 4hrs -
Batch Matching Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fuzzy Matching Logic Yes Yes Yes Yes
Data Transformations Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Language Matching Yes Yes Yes Yes
Session Cloning Yes Yes Yes Yes
Templated Match Sessions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Match Scoring Yes Yes Yes Yes
Filtered Data View Yes Yes Yes Yes
Online/IFD Yes Yes Yes Yes
On Premise - Yes Yes Yes
Lead Management - Yes Yes Yes
Record Linking - Yes Yes Yes
Manual Tag Of Records - Yes Yes Yes
Record Suppression - Yes Yes Yes
Automation - - Yes Yes
Best Record Detection - - Yes Yes
Best Record Scoring - - Yes Yes
Auto Fill - - Yes Yes
Bulk Automation Processes - - Yes Yes
Scheduling - - Yes Yes
Scheduled Session Linking - - Yes Yes
Related Entity Deduplication - - Yes Yes
Advanced Audit Log - - Yes Yes
Cleanse API - - - Yes
Search API - - - Yes
Master API - - - Yes
Review API - - - Yes
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Other DQ for Dynamics™ Modules



Ensure you have the correct systems in place to prevent bad data from entering your CRM. Capture and Enrich your customer data when adding new records in CRM. Achieve this by:

1) Point of entry Duplicate Check
2) Check deliverability of emails and phone numbers
3) Verify addresses from 240+ countries
4) Enrich Account/Contact Data from a database of 550 million records



Ensure all of your data is fit for your users by running batch cleansing of your CRM data.

Validate, verify and enrich your; Email, Phone, Address, Company or Contacts data and Record Suppression

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Not Ready To Start Your Data Journey Yet?

Manual data cleansing is an inefficient use of your time.

Cut costs, drive efficiency, and generate valuable business insights based on data you can trust.

Request your Free ROI Report to find out how much time and money you could save when reviewing duplicate records.

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