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What is financial crime?

Financial crime (FinCrime) is any type of criminal conduct relating to money or financial services. Offences include fraud, misconduct, handling the proceeds of crime and the financing of terrorist activities.

UK FCA regulated businesses need to demonstrate they have carried out adequate customer due-diligence. Failure to do so can result in fines, reputational damage and, in extreme cases, prosecution. Managing this compliance risk means taking steps to be sure you know who you’re dealing with. Getting this process wrong can cause delays, inconvenience and a negative customer experience.

How DQ Global can help

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Experian and DQ Global have combined forces to enable you to easily identify, assess and mitigate financial crime. The DQ FinCrime products allow you to collect and assess high-quality data to provide a robust view of businesses, what they do, and the people behind them to better understand the compliance risk. Using Experian’s market-leading data, you can neatly cross-reference the information provided by the customer with third-party sources to quickly and easily verify the customer and assess their level of risk.  The product plugs straight into Excel or Dynamics for a simple, no-fuss solution that ensures you complete the necessary checks required as a financially-regulated institution.

Now the power of Experian’s FinCrime data can be easily and effectively surfaced within your data ecosystem.

The benefits of DQ Compliance

easy to install (1) Install into Dynamics or Excel in under 30 minutes



Install Easy to use within Microsoft Excel and Dynamics


only pay for what you use (1) Simple Pay As you Go model – Only pay for what you use



Experian Dataset Utilise 40 million records from Experian’s 20 data sets within your CRM

DQ Fintech Products

Our financial technology products have been developed in association with Experian. Our products enable you to achieve compliance through quick access to Experian KYC data, with no code and fast implementation.

Mitigate the impacts of incomplete, inconsistent and incorrect customer data, reducing costs and risks of FinCrime such as fraud and money laundering. Learn more about our suite of FinTech products below.

DQ for Excel Icon DQ For Excel

Easily surface Experian's compliance data from an easy to install/configure solution within Microsoft Excel

Dynamics logo - crm data cleansing DQ For Dynamics

Our advanced Dynamics 365 solution to enable accurate, efficient and continuous record remediation

Studio Logo - CRM data cleansing DQ Studio

Our fully automated all-in-one FinCrime data migration and integration engine

Excel for site (1300 × 500 px) (1)

The ultimate solution for the management of Experian FinCrime data within Excel

  • Utilise the vast array of Excel connectors
  • Access Experian’s FinCrime API’s from within MS Excel on a pay as you go basis
  • Acquire and Enrich new data onto your excel workbook
  • Append/Upload your new, enriched dataset back to its source


Advanced FinCrime data management within your CRM environment

  • Surface Experian’s FinCrime data through a user interface within the Microsoft Ecosystem
  • Append or Enrich data from within the Microsoft Stack
  • Push records to a review screen for remediation and conflict resolution
  • Record audit trails for compliance checks

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dynamics for site (1300 × 500 px)
studio for site (1300 × 500 px) (1)

All-in-one FinCrime data migration and integration engine

  • Connect to 130+ data platforms (e.g Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft)
  • Build customisable workflows through a drag and drop interface
  • Utilise pre built connectors to Experian’s FinCrime API’s
  • Enrich records and update records within your data sources
  • Build CRA logic to categorise accounts as low, medium or high financial crime risk
  • Monitor changes for near real time KYC
  • Time based
  • User based
  • Record audit trails for compliance checks


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