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Take control of your CRM data with our customer data deduplication solutions

Duplicate Customer data is a common challenge for many businesses, it creates issues in correctly contacting customers and slows down work processes in your CRM.

Customer data Deduplication refers to a technique to remove duplicate data in a data set. During the deduplication process, excess copies of the same data are eliminated, leaving only one copy to be stored. This is often referred to as a Single Customer View or Master Golden Record.

With people moving, getting married, changing phone numbers and emails daily, the risk of duplicates in your CRM is rising.

CRM duplication rates between 10%-30% are not uncommon

The benefits of customer data deduplication

single customer view Provide a clear, unified single customer view

Increased user satisfaction Icon Boost efficiency and effectiveness

save money Reduces the unnecessary costs of data storage

easy to use Enhances your customer relationships

Accurate Insights (1) Enables accurate reporting and decision making

Competitive edge (1) Provides a competitive advantage

How we can help you with customer data deduplication

Customer data deduplication_Time

Time Saving

Time Savings

Reduce your duplicate review time by up to 4 times when compared to the out of the box merge review. Configure rules, find and then review duplicates with ease in our multi-record review screen.

Customer data deduplication_build

Build Trust

Build Trust

Increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, sales tracking and end to end reporting. Fix the route cause problem to allow for easy segmentation of your CRM data.

Customer data deduplication_Security

Data Security

Data Security

Securely match, master, merge and enrich your data from within MS Dynamics CRM. Data is fully encrypted, tokenised, matched and then deleted so that no personally identifiable data is stored.

Customer data deduplication_automation

Process Automation

Process Automation

Automate the process and humanise the exceptions with highly configurable mastering logic, designed to save you hours of duplicate review time. Configure rules for matching and mastering of your data so you don’t have to search for, and process bad data.

Customer data deduplication_Contact

Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment

Empower your marketing and sales team with the tools to not only fix existing data, but also acquire new data on existing records, or purchase new data within the platform. Enrich your company and contact data from a database of 550 million records worldwide.

Customer data deduplication_Implement

Easy To Implement

Easy to Implement

Install, configure and run DQ for Dynamics™ within the hour and create data you can trust. Register for a 14-day free trial to see how easy it can be to find and process duplicate here.

How customer data deduplication works in our products

DQ for Dynamics Consolidate

Bulk match and merge duplicates within your Dynamics CRM

The perfect solution for when the out-of-the-box duplicate detection and merge tools just aren’t enough to tackle your customer data deduplication.

With our DQ for Dynamics Consolidate solution you can run match sessions to find duplicate records using fuzzy matching logic and a array of data transformations. Afterwards it will present groups of duplicates back to users for duplicate review.

Quickly select your best record and seamlessly create a single customer view within your Dynamics CRM.


DQ for Dynamics Product
Demand Project

DQ on Demand

Personalise and create a solution tailored to you

Alternatively you can orchestrate your own data quality architecture by calling our Power Apps Connector. With ultimate flexibility and scalability you can use power automate!

Only pay for what you use and build the solution tailored to your specific requirements


Customer Data Deduplication Helps With

tailor marketing

Single Customer View

Achieve a consistent and comprehensive view of all of your customer data with a Single Customer View

Dq Customer Data Migration

Customer Data Migration

Extract customer data from one or more data sources and consolidate it into a target system with ease from less data

Dq data cleansing

Data Cleansing

Deduplication drives out waste, reduces risk and helps you to make better informed business decisions

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We have a range of solutions to help with all your customer data quality needs


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