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Improve your Customer Data in a familiar and easy-to-use context.

Simply download your customer data into Microsoft Excel and use our plugin, available in the office store to improve your data quality.

Functions available with DQ for Excel:

Transform data (abbreviate, elaborate, exclude or normalize) in 5 spoken languages and from 12 entity categories.
Format worldwide Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, I.P. Address, URL’s and more…
Validate Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, I.P. Address, URL’s and more…
Compare records by scoring their similarity and choose from multiple comparison methods, including: Levenshtein, Jaro Winkler and more…
Generate phonetic match keys used for deduplication, including: DQ Fonetix™, Soundex, Metaphone and more…
Classify data to identify what a piece of data represents. i.e Brian or Sven is a person name, Road, Strasse or Rue are address elements and Ltd or LLC are Company legal suffix.
Derive data to obtain a gender from a given name and segment contact data by job roles and decision making levels derived from a job title.
DQ for Excel screenshot

DQ for Excel™ works right inside Microsoft Excel, it’s familiar and simple to use!

Import data from almost any source, prepare it, master it and perfect it; then upload it back to almost any target.

Process hundreds of thousands of records at once and only pay for your usage on a credit based subscription model.

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