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Revolutionises the way you search across accounts, contacts, and leads in D365 with fuzzy matching

DQ for Dynamics™ Search is the ultimate search solution which allows you to easily search across accounts, contacts, and leads with unmatched speed and accuracy.

Using advanced fuzzy matching and data transformation capabilities, our tool is 3x faster than Microsoft’s built-in search function, and requires no coding or technical expertise to use.

Say goodbye to endless scrolling and manual searches, and say hello to lightning-fast, hassle-free search.

Why should you use DQ for Dynamics™ Search


Set up in under 30 minutes with no code installation

With a quick and easy setup process, start using DQ for Dynamics™ Search with minimal disruption to your operations. Providing companies of all sizes, including those without a dedicated IT team or technical expertise, control of their CRM data.

Lead magnet

Advanced fuzzy matching for confident search results

With advanced fuzzy matching, your users can easily find the information they need, even if they make spelling mistakes or typos. Duplicate records can be identified and merged, ensuring data consistency and accuracy.

save money

Enjoy our no commitment consumption based model

We use an onboarding fee followed by payment by search. Only pay for what you use, rather than for every user, regardless of their search frequency! Our flexible and scalable model makes it a great choice for businesses of all sizes.

The benefits of DQ for Dynamics™ Search

Confidence Provides confidence in your data search results


Grammar Ensures typos or synonyms don’t impact your search results

elevate Prevents adding duplicates within your CRM


time Speeds up your record management process


single customer Helps you to maintain a single customer view


Accurate work Enables users to be more productive

Other DQ for Dynamics™ Modules

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Designed to prevent Poor Quality Data from entering Dynamics 365 CE.

Ensuring data is consistent, complete, and unique upon entry into Dynamics 365 or Microsoft PowerApps.

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Match, Master and Merge Duplicate Records to create a SCV in D365.

Designed to help you tackle duplicate records when the out-of-the-box duplicate detection and merge tools just aren’t enough.

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Batch Cleanse and enrich your Customer Data within Dynamics 365.

Provides D365 users with an easy-to-use bulk data cleansing tool, removing the time-consuming task of ongoing CRM data cleansing.

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