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Continuously cleanse your data within Dynamics 365

DQ for Dynamics Cleanse has been developed to provide continuous data cleansing for Dynamics 365 users with an easy-to-use bulk data cleansing tool. Removing the time-consuming task of ongoing CRM data cleansing.

You can bulk cleanse, validate, and verify your email, phone, and address fields with easy-to-use power automate data cleansing workflows. Working right inside Dynamics 365 to make cleansing your CRM records a simple task, helping to increase user adoption and deliver trusted customer data.


The DQ for Dynamics Cleanse Tools

DQ Address Search

Batch Cleanse Addresses

Eliminate the headache of dealing with inaccurate addresses stored in your Dynamics CRM. Our global verification service, spanning over 240 countries, ensures the accuracy and validity of your address data.

Enhance the quality of your CRM records by enriching customer data with standardised address formats and geolocation insights, saving you time and resources while bolstering confidence in your data integrity.

DQ Email Verification

Batch Email Authentication

Protect your domain reputation and overcome the frustration of undelivered emails by integrating our batch email authentication solution into your CRM. With continuous monitoring and verification of email addresses, our system minimises bounce rates, ensuring your messages always reach their intended recipients.

Streamline your email marketing efforts and personalise communications based on accurate data, maximising engagement and ROI.

DQ Phone Verification

Batch Phone Authentication

Say goodbye to wasted time and missed opportunities caused by dialling incorrect or outdated phone numbers. Our batch phone authentication service empowers your sales and marketing teams with reliable contact information directly from your CRM.

Verify phone numbers effortlessly, boosting data quality confidence and enabling focused interactions that drive sales productivity and revenue growth.

The Benefits of DQ for Dynamics Cleanse

Eliminates the need for manual data cleansing
Ensures your customer data remains consistently clean and consistent
Maintains compliance with GDPR regulations
Improves the accuracy of data in your CRM
Saves company time with automated workflows
Improves the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts

Other DQ for Dynamics Capabilities


Fuzzy Record Search

Search effortlessly finds what you need, when you need it, freeing you from the frustrations of information hunting.


Data Capture

Capture ensures every entry into your CRM is consistent, complete, and unique, preventing you from the chaos of data errors.


Consolidate Duplicates

Consolidate steps in when standard tools fall short, helping you handle duplicate records without the headache.

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