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What is a Single Customer View and why do you need one?

A Single Customer View (SCV) is a consistent and comprehensive view of all the data an organisation has about its customers that is stored and consolidated in one record in a business application.

Organisations may hold multiple records for the same contact in various business applications – these records need to be duplicate free, complete and accurate, which then creates a SCV.

Using our DQ Suite of Data Cleansing Software, we can help you to achieve a Single Customer View which will have many advantages for your business, such as:


Achieving a Single Customer View means deleting duplicate customer data from your CRM.

Start by following our 5 Step Guide to Customer Deduplication


The creation of a Single Customer View will help:

Provide a unified view of your customer data
Enhance customer service and relationships
Provide data more readily available for analysis
Provide a competitive advantage with a its leaner, more agile approach
Reduce unnecessary data storage costs
Ensure regulatory compliance in your customer data platform
Gain a superior insight to customers interactions to enhance marketing methods
Provide a more personal experience, therefore, increasing customer loyalty

Our Solutions to help achieve a Single Customer View

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DQ for Dynamics™

An integrated solution to find and prevent duplicates, apply a wide array of data improvement functions and master your data all from within Dynamics CRM.

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DQ Studio™

A complete solution for data management including data integration, data migration, data quality improvement, data replication, business rules, process automation, machine learning, and more.

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DQ on Demand™

An on demand solution which allows developers to rapidly deploy our wide array of data quality improvement functions, switch data providers with ease and enhance their data and all under one roof.

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