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What is a Single Customer View and why do you need one?

A Single Customer View (SCV) is a consistent and comprehensive view of all your customer data, stored and consolidated as one golden record in any business application.

Organisations often hold multiple records for the same contact in various business applications – these records need to be duplicate free, complete and accurate, which then creates a SCV. Which is critical to delivering customer centric engagements and higher value business outcomes.

Discover the tools you need to achieve a SCV in any CRM or business application environment below.

The benefits of having a single customer view

Provide a unified view of your customer data
Enhance customer service and relationships
Increase customer loyalty with a more personalised experience
Provide data more readily available for analysis
Reduce unnecessary data storage costs
Provide a competitive advantage with a strategic business approach
Gain a superior insight to customers interactions to enhance marketing methods
Ensure regulatory compliance in your customer data platform

Find the solution for you

Your pre built complete solution

Complete Solution

DQ for Dynamics™ is our pre built no code solution that operates within any Dynamics CRM, or D365 Sales environment.

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Customise your own solution


DQ Studio™ is a customisable pre built solution to migrate, integrate and consolidate customer data from any data management environment.

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Develop your own solution


DQ 360 API Suite™ is a DMaaS platform for accessing our data quality services via web based API’s for ultimate flexibility.

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Consolidate your customer data for a single customer view in any CRM environment

A complete solution for data management integration, migration and consolidation. DQ Studio™

can connect to over 130+ sources and targets, all within one low code/no code application.


Create a Single Customer View within Microsoft D365 CRM

An integrated solution to find and remove duplicate records, with advanced features for deduplicating and merging records.

Save time through scheduling matching sessions and decrease storage costs by deduping any standard or custom entity.

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Plug into our DMaaS Platform to enhance your customer data

Access to data quality services on a pay-as-you-go basis, for cleansing and enriching data to achieve a single customer view. With over 1.5 million Datapoints, DQ 360 API Suite™ provides performance and scalability for developers.



Achieving a SCV means deleting duplicate customer data from your CRM.

Start by following our 5 Step Guide to Customer Deduplication


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