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What is CRM integration and how can we help?

CRM Integration is the process of consolidating data between disparate systems for the purpose of a shared understanding – creating a Single Customer View (SCV) or Master Golden Record.

Use our DQ Studio™ Software to help with integrating your customer data and ensure you manage your data effectively making it available to those who need it.

With DQ Studio™ you can  Integrate – Migrate – Consolidate your data.

A successful CRM integration project will help:

Provide a unified view of data
Enhance understanding and relationships with customers
Provide data more readily available for analysis
Provide a competitive advantage with a leaner, more agile approach
Strengthen decision making, fuelled by accurate reporting
Prevent the development of costly workarounds
Increase confidence in your data
Ensure regulatory compliance such as GDPR

Our solutions to for customer data integration

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DQ Studio™

A complete solution for data management including data integration, data migration, data quality improvement, data replication, business rules, process automation, machine learning, and more.

DQ Blank

DQ Consulting™

Leverage our 25 years of experience to ensure your data project is delivered on time and on budget.

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