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Discover International DQ Global Case Study

Business Needs

“We needed a tool which would provide us with fuzzy-matching and multi-record review capabilities, as both were essential to automate and speed up the data cleansing process. There was also the issue of some poor quality historic data, which could potentially slow down the process or cause loss of information if we had no control over setting up matching criteria.”

DQ Global Solution

DQ for Dynamics

DQ for Dynamics works inside Dynamics 365 to improve data quality and provide you with data that is fit for business use.

Business Benefits

Utilising DQ global solutions has allowed us to analyse our system data and identify single point of failure, which initiated a process review, resulting in improved reporting.

The onboarding process was easy and user-friendly thanks to intuitive user interface and great support from Conor, who helped us achieve a trusted single customer view within weeks.

Company Background

Discover International was founded in London in 2013 and now has offices around the world recruiting at every stage of the Life Science process.
At Discover, we take pride in our unique mindset whereby we ensure all staff treat their clients’ budget and candidates’ career as though it was their own. We also prioritise premium and quality work output over sheer volume.

The Data Quality Challenge

“At Discover we were experiencing issues with Microsoft Dynamics’ built-in deduplication function, which couldn’t handle the volume of duplicated profiles accumulated in our database due to system changes and data input processes.

After conducting market research we realised DQ Global can provide exactly what we needed.”

Data Quality Solution

“The installation of DQ Dynamics was done in a matter of minutes, and thanks to guidance from Conor, our team was able to complete the set-up of rules and matching sessions during the few hours of training.

Thanks to the ability to import custom views from Microsoft Dynamics, we could maintain full control of the data input and set up our unique matching criteria or rely on inbuilt rules, depending on the situation.

The ability to review several duplicated profiles side by side and use customised rules to select the best record and update it with the chosen field values was all we could ask for and presented in a user friendly interface.”

"We were very impressed with DQ Global customer service! From the intro call to implementation and trainings Conor has stayed professional and invested in our journey."

The Results

“Utilising DQ Global solutions, a small team could quickly review, update and merge duplicated profiles without fear of losing data.

The auto-promote feature and fuzzy matching algorithm helped us automate the work while maintaining control of match criteria used.

The ability to review data geographically and based on record types gave us confidence that deduplication process will be based on precise data logic while saving weeks of manual work for the admin team.”

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