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It’s estimated by 2025 there will be around 463 exabytes of data created daily!

Duplicate data is a common challenge for many businesses. It creates issues in correctly identifying customers and slows down work processes in your CRM.

Customer data deduplication and creating a Single Customer View (SCV) can have several positive impacts on your business efficiency and productivity. In this quick guide, we highlight the business reasons for customer data deduplication

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With more data, duplicates have become an increasing issue

Duplication rates between 10% – 30% are not uncommon for companies without data quality improvement initiatives in place

If your company faces duplicate customer data issues, don’t worry, you’re not alone

60% of businesses cite duplicate data as the marketing department’s biggest obstacle when creating campaign lists and 73% cite duplicate data as their biggest obstacle when evaluating campaign performance


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Customer data deduplication and creating a Single Customer View (SCV) can have several positive impacts on your business efficiency and productivity, here’s how…

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Reduce mistakes and improve ROI in marketing campaigns

Unnecessary costs are incurred when sending an individual duplicate emails

Improve segmentation, open rate and clicks for targeted marketing campaigns

Without a single customer view email campaigns can’t be correctly targeted, meaning more unsubscribes

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Achieve effective customer personalisation and improve the perception of your brand

Duplicate data causes errors that confuse customers and damage their perception of your brand

More accurate reporting and improved business intelligence

Decisions based on duplicated data can damage your companies growth

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Trusted pipeline with more genuine sales opportunities

Duplicate data means the same contact is contacted repeatedly creating a false pipeline

Create a Single Customer View within Microsoft D365 CRM

An integrated solution to find and remove duplicate records, with advanced features for deduplicating and merging records.

Save time through scheduling matching sessions and decrease storage costs by deduping any standard or custom entity.

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Data deduplication within your CRM leaves you with clean, accurate, up-to-date records you can trust and it’s simple when you use the right tools…

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