Watch our recorded webinars to learn valuable knowledge about “all things” DATA. Our webinars cover a vast array of subjects from data cleansing, data migration and integration, master data management, single customer view and data governance. We hope you enjoy them!

30 min

How to Make your Data fit for GDPR

31 min

Dynamics CRM Data - Get it Clean, Keep it Clean

36 min

How Business Automation Can Solve Your Data Quality Problems

34 min

How to Match, Perfect & Merge MS Dynamics CRM Records

26 min

Are Duplicate Records Upsetting Your Customers?

24 min

DQ Perfect & Merge for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

59 min

Data – How to get it clean and keep it clean?

25 min

What is the Difference between Data and Information

48 min

DQ Perfect & Merge Better Data in Dynamics CRM

31 min

How to Manage Duplicates in MS Dynamics CRM


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