We have been developing our Data Quality Software for over 20 years and we have gathered a wealth of knowledge in that time. Have a look at some of our knowledge base articles to see how we can help you in your quest to improve the quality of your data.

Data Quality Software

Data Quality Solutions

Our data quality solutions have been developed to assist with data cleansing.

Data Deduplication Software

At DQ Global, we believe, that best practice and clean data should be at the core of every database and CRM system.

Data Matching Software

Contact Data is growing rapidly, “90% of the data in the world today has been created in the past two years”.

CRM Data Quality Solutions

CRM Data Quality Solutions are applications and plug-ins which improve the quality of CRM data.

Deduplication Software for Data Cleansing

Data Quality Software is the technology which helps any business improve the quality of their data.

Data Scrubbing Tools for better Data Quality

Data Scrubbing is an alternative term to Data Cleansing, both terms describe the process of cleaning company and or contact records.

Data Quality Tools

Data quality is an on going process which is crucial to businesses who wish to maintain an edge in today’s data driven world.

Use Our Software to Improve CRM Data Quality

Whether you use MS Dynamics CRM, Infor CRM, Salesforce or an other CRM, it’s effectiveness has to depend on the CRM Data Quality.

Data Quality Software

At DQ Global, we pride ourselves on the ability to solve our customers’ data quality challenges using our Data Quality Software.

Fuzzy Matching Software

Fuzzy matching is a function built in to our data matching and deduplication software.

Merge Purge Software

Merge and purge is the process of linking two or more lists or databases at the same time, identifying and/or combining duplicates and removing unwanted records.

Data Management

Data Migration Software

Data Migration is the process of preparing, selecting, extracting and permanently transferring data from one system to another while validating, correcting and checking for completeness of the data.

CRM Data Integration Software

Moving data from one system to another can be risky and time consuming.

Master Data Management

Like, Single Customer View (SCV) and Customer Data Integration (CDI), Master Data Management.

Single Customer View

Modern businesses are increasingly working towards achieving a Single Customer View.

Business Process Automation Software

Business Process Automation Software is an application used by a business to automate its processes in order to reduce costs.

Data Integration Software | Data Migration Software

Storing all prospect and customer information in one place is relatively easy.

Deduplicate Mailing Lists

When you are using a mailing list, you don’t want the same name and address popping up more than once.

CRM Data Management Software

If you don’t have the right tools for this, you’re likely to find your investment in the CRM system has been wasted.

Big Data Cleansing

You may use it to refer to the growing amounts of transactional data you have to store as your business develops.

Record Matching Software

Whenever you incorporate new information into your database(s) or CRM System, you risk adding duplicates.

Data Quality Audit

The databases held by organisations are becoming larger and larger, but quantity is no good without quality.

CRM Deduplication Software

Your CRM system will only work affectively if the data it contains is accurate and up to date.

Data Integration

Integrating customer, supplier and operational data residing at different sources and in different formats.

Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing Plugin for CRM

For the past 20 years we have been developing and improving our CRM Data Cleansing Software.

Data Cleansing Software

The data you hold in your database or CRM system is continually decaying and needs to be updated.

Data Cleansing Tools

Data cleansing is the process of detecting and correcting inaccurate data in a database or CRM system.

Address Cleansing Software | Authentic8™

One of the main issues in maintaining data quality is making sure that addresses are correct.

MS Dynamics CRM Data Cleansing

We have developed our DQ Perfect & Merge Software™ specifically for MS Dynamics CRM users.

Data Cleansing Solutions

We have developed a range of Data Cleansing Solutions.

Data Cleansing for CRM

Running a Customer Relationship Management(CRM) system with dirty data is like driving a car with the handbrake on and full of contaminated fuel.

ERP Data Cleansing

Our products are designed to work with your ERP solution to correct, cleanse and match multiple instances of


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