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Reduce the risks of data decay and GDPR fines

With GDPR (Article 5.1(d) in place, it is now more important than ever to ensure strict data quality processes. Data Suppression not only boosts customer retention and reduces storage costs, it also prevents the risk of GDPR fines.

Data decays at an incredibly fast rate of 22.5% a year. Suppression of data from those who have moved and changed contact details allows you to remain on top of this rapid data decay. Not only are you GDPR compliant, you will also have up to date information on your customers.

Higher quality data helps with the increasing demand for personalisation in marketing activity and provides you with an accurate single customer view.

Data decays 3% EVERY month

How data suppression benefits you

  high quality data Increases brand reputation


improve customer service Provides a competitive edge


Accurate Insights (1) Ensures accurate insights


Reduced risk of GDPR fines (1) Reduces the risk of GDPR fines


Customer Retention (1) Increases customer retention


easy to use Saves costs on CRM storage



How we can help you with data suppression

DQ for Excel Icon DQ for Excel

Allowing you to discover whether people are gone away or have expressed a preference not to be contacted.

On Demand Logo DQ on Demand

Use our highly powerful master data management engine to find the perfect solution to fit your own personal needs

How data suppression works in our products

DQ for Excel product logo

DQ for Excel

Ensure high quality data in your own Excel spreadsheet

Our suppression tool in DQ for Excel allows you to identify records in a data set that should be suppressed due to contacts which are now deceased, have gone away or have preferences not to be contacted. This includes a confidence score to increase your trust in the data.

Achieve GDPR compliancy and save marketing costs

With this tool you will be able to achieve GDPR Compliance and accurately target new, prospective and regular clients within your marketing campaigns.

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DQ on Demand

Personalise and create a solution tailored to you

Alternatively you can orchestrate your own data quality architecture by calling our Power Apps Connector. With ultimate flexibility and scalability you can use power automate!

Only pay for what you use and build the solution tailored to your specific requirements


Demand Project

Data Suppression helps with

tailor marketing

Single Customer View

Achieve a consistent and comprehensive view of all of your customer data with a single customer view.

Dq Customer Data Integration

Customer Data Integration

Consolidate your customer data between disparate systems for shared use and understanding.

Dq Customer Data Migration

Customer Data Migration

Extract customer data from one or more data sources and consolidate it into a target system.

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We have a range of solutions to help with all your customer data quality needs


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