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What is Financial Compliance and how can we help? 

Financial crime is any type of criminal conduct relating to money or financial services. Offences include fraud, misconduct, handling the proceeds of crime and the financing of terrorist activities.

UK FCA regulated businesses need to demonstrate they have carried out adequate customer due-diligence. Failure to do so can result in fines, reputational damage and, in extreme cases, prosecution. Managing this compliance risk means taking steps to be sure you know who you’re dealing with.

Getting this process wrong can cause delays, inconvenience and a negative customer experience.


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Experian and DQ Global combine forces

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Experian and DQ Global have combined forces to enable you to easily identify, assess and mitigate financial crime. The DQ FinCrime products allow you to collect high-quality data to provide a robust view of businesses, what they do, and the people behind them to better understand the compliance risk.

Now the power of Experian’s FinCrime data can be easily surfaced within your data ecosystem.

The benefits of DQ and Experians' combined solutions:

Utilise data from a range of high-quality core and niche data sources
Drive insights to better understand compliance risk
Connect to 130+ data sources
Append Experian KYC data, in flight or at rest
Avoid complex integrations and high set-up costs
Reduce manual touchpoints
Faster on-boarding decisions
Increase productivity/efficiency

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