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Typical challenges with data deduplication:

Too many duplicates in the system
Lack of sophisticated tools to deal with duplicates
Unable to identify duplicates or to measure the extent of the issue
Lack of resources, time, money, knowledge
Uncertainty around how to review potential duplicates
Uncertainty on how to define matching logic/rules/scoring
Difficulty accessing and updating data

Successful data deduplication will help:

Provide a unified view of data
Boost efficiency and effectiveness
Improve staff morale
Enhance customer relationships
Provide data more readily available for analysis
Provide a competitive advantage thanks to its leaner, more agile approach
Facilitate good quality decision making, fuelled by accurate reporting
Prevent the development of costly workarounds
Enhance confidence in data
Ensure regulatory compliance

Featured Products:

Perfect & merge bars

DQ for Dynamics™

An integrated solution to find and prevent duplicates, apply a wide array of data improvement functions and master your data all from within Dynamics CRM.

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DQ Studio™

A complete solution for data management including data integration, data migration, data quality improvement, data replication, business rules, process automation, machine learning, and more.

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