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We dedicated to ensuring our clients achieve their goals on an ongoing basis

Your success is our success! Which is why we work with our clients throughout their data management journey to fully onboard them and support them.

We provide continuous communication to ensure you are completely confident with our products. We also supply numerous how to videos, to help you when you may not know the answer!

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Recap of product functionality and customer requirements, jointly configure rules and session settings

Run a test match session, Review session results and iterate match rules to achieve the desired results and ensure you are self-sufficient.

Note: Online resources such as wiki and how-to videos are available.

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Online resource Apiary is available with code examples and API documentation.

Additional support is available on request.

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We tailor training services to meet your needs.

At one extreme we provide application training to ensure you are self-sufficient in the use of the tool.

At the other end of the spectrum, we provide professional services to customize and build a complete solution and at the end of the process train you in how it was built and how to use it.

Note: Online video tutorials are available.

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The best way to learn more about how our solutions can help is to let us know more about your data challenge.

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