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Free Trial Testimonial: OpenDoors UK

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What made you sign up for a free trial?

A desire to clean up our data – so that we are relating better to our supporters as individuals.

Why was it important for you to carry out a trial?

We wanted to check that the solution we chose did a good job of finding duplicates in our data and also that the interface was clear and efficient for our staff to use.

How did you find us?

Searching on Google for Dynamics Duplicate Solutions.

What did you find?

We got a good understanding of the data in our system, the kinds of data errors that existed and the scale of the duplication.

What was the outcome of the trial? And why?

We decided that DQ for Dynamics was not the right solution for us – having analysed our data, the main strengths of the solution were outside of the majority of our scenarios.

How did you feel working with us?

We enjoyed working with DQ, it really helped us to understand our data and the best practices for identifying duplicates going forward. We really appreciated Conor’s time and willingness to work alongside us and answer our questions.

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