Are you looking to Dedupe your Records in Dynamics CRM?

Perfect & Merge™ is a duplicate detection CRM solution which works right inside Dynamics CRM.  It finds duplicates fast using our advanced fuzzy searching logic, then allows you to review multiple duplicate records side by side, to first perfect and then merge duplicate records, leaving you with a single, high quality, mastered Golden Record or Single Customer View.

We are confident that when deployed you will see massive benefits including:

  • Higher levels of trust in your CRM Data
  • Higher customer satisfaction and retention
  • Greater buy in from your CRM system users
  • Your data will comply with regulatory requirements

Overview Video - Benefits of using Perfect & Merge™ for MS Dynamics CRM

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Whether: On-Premise, On-Line or Internet-Facing (IFD). Perfect & Merge™ is an easy to use CRM deduplication solution.  It automates fuzzy matching processes and humanises exceptions to ensure your CRM system is duplicate free, trusted and fit for use.

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How we Process Data – Data Processing Sequence

  • Security - Data is securely managed within your Dynamics 365 system - any data transferred is fully encrypted and no personally identifiable data is stored.
  • Powerful & Proven Matching - Over 300 organisations worldwide trust our proven matching technologies, delivering: International phonetic (sounds like) fuzzy matching and advanced scoring algorithms.
  • Scalable – Extend from the foundation edition and add optional modules as required.
  • Automation - Improve operational efficiency, saving both time and money by scheduling your match sessions and optionally automate the Mastering and Merging of your CRM records on a daily, weekly or monthly process.
  • Integrity – Referential integrity is preserved when records are merged and all linked data is re-assigned to the surviving master record. However, post merge, as records are re-linked, duplicates can be introduced. This can be corrected using our optional Post-Merge Module which de-activates or deletes duplicate records in both standard entities like addresses and custom entities also.
  • Intelligence - Choose from multiple fuzzy matching algorithms including our own DQFonetix™ for advanced phonetic matching.
  • Configurability - Highly configurable fuzzy match rules with flexible scoring and weighting options so you find more valid duplicates.
  • Affordability – P&M is priced based on value i.e. the modules (functionality) required and number of records in your CRM system. Please ask for pricing.
  • Assurance - With our optional Audit logging all changes are recorded and viewable.
  • Knowledge - Extensive inbuilt libraries of: homonyms, synonyms, aliases, typos and normalisations. These span five spoken languages, with 13 data category types, to help find more high quality identical and non-identical matching records.
  • Simplicity - Managed Solution which is quick and easy to set up, and works with any deployment: On-Premise, On-Line or Internet-Facing (IFD).
  • Control - Use 'Personal', 'System’ or ‘Shared’ Views for filtered matching within the core CRM entities; Accounts, Contacts and Leads.
  • Productivity - Multiple duplicate records simultaneously reviewed inside your CRM system to increase reviewer productivity.

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Perfect & Merge™ Editions


Foundation Edition

  • Advanced Fuzzy Matching Logic
  • Multiple Duplicate Review
  • Manual PromoteSelect the best record
  • Manual Attribute FillSelect the best data
  • Manual Record MergeSafely merge and reassign linked records
DQ Global Making Data Fit For Business

Master Record Merge (MRM) Edition

  • Foundation Edition – Plus:
  • Auto-Match – Advanced Fuzzy Matching Logic
  • Auto-MasterMaster Record Detection
  • Auto-FillPopulation of the Master from Record Attributes
  • Auto-MergeSafely Merge Duplicate Records

Modules are available as optional extras for the Foundation and Master Record Merge Editions


Schedule – Automate Process

  • Time – Saves on manually reviewing records
  • Productivity – Automates repeatable processes and humanizes exceptions
  • Control – Choose what processes are executed and when
DQ Global Making Data Fit For Business

Cross Entity

  • Prevention – Avoids duplicate creation when a lead is converted to an opportunity/account/contact
  • Completeness – Fills data from the Lead to the Account or Contact
  • Integration – Ensures preventable duplicates are not introduced by marketing automation solutions
DQ Global Making Data Fit For Business

Audit Log

  • Trust – Know which data field values have been changed, when and by whom
  • Visibility – See all data changes old to new values within the audit log
  • Link – Hyperlink from within the audit log directly to the winning record or the losing record
DQ Global Making Data Fit For Business

Post Merge De-Dupe

  • Data integrity – Be confident that all linked data is duplicate free after merging
  • Automation – Your time is saved by avoiding manually deduping related entity records
  • Trust – Achieve higher levels of trust in the transactional data linked to your Golden Record
Code Free Solution

Advanced Find Perfect & Merge

  • User-Selection – Take control and manually choose duplicate records from an advanced find search.  Then Perfect & Merge duplicates to create your Single Customer View
Data Integration and Data Migration

Parent/Child Record Linking

  • Data integrity – Records are linked rather than merged, to create a relationship
  • Confidence – Users can easily see the parent/child relationship between records

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DQ Global was established almost 20 years ago, with a view to providing companies with the software tools required to deal with the growing problems of managing Data Quality.

Our clients use our powerful data cleansing capabilities for data governance, master data management, data migration and integration projects, business rules automation and single customer view.
Armed with accurate and trusted data they have been able to drive out waste, reduce risk and make better informed business decisions.

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