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API Features:


This API receives a 'full profile' from the CRM, and then cleanses this full profile with functions such as data validation, formatting and deduplication. However, all DQ on Demand™ functions are available. It then returns this 'profile' to the CRM in its cleansed form.


This API searches in the CRM repository of records based on the profile provided and return a list of possible match candidates that can be evaluated by the CRM for merging.


This API will evaluate the list of potential duplicate records and then return the newly mastered records with a list of duplicate record profile ID's which need to be merged. The CRM will receive the response and will merge the records.


This API will mark two or more records for manual user review by adding them to the Perfect & Merge™ manual review queue. These records can then be manually reviewed in the Perfect & Merge™ review screen.

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