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Data Improvement Service API's


Obtain a gender from a given name and segment contact data by job roles and decision making levels derived from a job title.


Correctly format worldwide Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, I.P. Address, URL’s and more…


Generates phonetic match keys used for deduplication, including: DQ Fonetix™, Soundex, Metaphone and more…


Split data into parts for entities including: Email Addresses, I.P. Address, URL’s and more…


Confirm that something is really available, i.e. an email will truly deliver to an inbox, or a phone will actually ring a landline or mobile number


Withhold or remove selected data from a system.


Compatibility of elements within a record.


Transforms data (abbreviate, elaborate, exclude or normalize) in 5 spoken languages and from 12 entity categories.


Score the similarity between records and choose from multiple comparison methods, including: Levenshtein, Jaro Winkler and more…


Identify what a piece of data represents. i.e Brian or Sven is a person name, Road, Strasse or Rue are address elements and Ltd or LLC are Company legal suffix.


Merging third party data from an authoritative source with an existing database of first party data.


Check the syntactical validity of Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, I.P. Address, URL’s and more…


Match records against surrogate reference data, including: Addressing which covers 240 Countries, Location GeoCodes, Company Names, People living at an address and more…

String Functions

StringisISO, StringRemove, StringReplace, StringTransform, String Extract, Stringstartsends, StringExtension, StringCleanse


Acquire additional records which match your selection criteria for download to be added to your chosen system target


Update your existing name and address records in order to hold the latest and most current data


Match records based on customizable rules.


Many other functions can be added such as being able to send an SMS.

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