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Fuzzy Matching

Fuzzy Matching

Ensure that you find all of your duplicate records with our advanced DQ fuzzy matching logic. Continuously developed over the past 25 years, our matching algorithm has helped hundreds of clients, from small to enterprise, to master their data. Combine our DQFonetix™ matching algorithms with a vast library of data transformations to normalise and tokenise your data, and surface duplicates that would otherwise not be found.

Match Scoring

It is one thing finding duplicates, but are they legitimate? Utilise our easy-to-configure scoring module to ensure you are returning genuine duplicate records. Achieve this through a simple percentage threshold score, or fully refine your scoring by adjusting the weighting on individual match groups.

Single Customer View

Multi Record Review

Save hours of review time by using our multi-record review screen. Populate a review screen with live data right within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE instance. Reinstate ownership back to your data by having multiple users reviewing duplicate records. Achieve this by; manually selecting your best record, filling the best data, and then merge your records to create a single customer view within minutes.

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