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Be assured that all your data is correctly formatted, transformed and enriched before searching for duplicates and being inserted or updated in your business application. Utilise our Cleanse API for field-level data cleansing, all the way to complete record cleansing and enrichment. Leverage our DQ on Demand data quality functions, to provide a complete range of data quality services that have been tried and tested over the past 25 years. 


Remove the risk of duplicates being added to your business applications by using our DQ Search API. Search using our powerful fuzzy matching logic, along with thousands of data transformations, to surface your duplicate records. Use the Search API to orchestrate a ‘self-healing’ approach, to trigger search events once changes have been made to legacy data within your database. And finally, configure the search API to surface potential duplicates records in multiple business applications, so that you can begin to build your master data management architecture.

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It is one thing finding duplicates, but are they legitimate? Utilise our advanced scoring module to ensure you are returning genuine duplicate records. Achieve this through a simple percentage threshold score, or fully refine your scoring by adjusting the weighting on individual match groups. Over the years, scoring algorithms have given us the confidence to automate data quality processes, and ultimately deliver a robust data quality management process.


Automate the process and humanise the exceptions. Our master module has been designed for users who don’t have time or resource to review hundreds or thousands of duplicate records. Build advanced mastering rules to automatically select your best record, then fill your best record with the best data from a set of duplicates. These rules are highly customisable and typically help clients to process 80% of their duplicates, leaving 20% to a manual review process.

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If records are ambiguous and fall below a certain scoring threshold, then records are sent to our review API, where end users can see their records populated in a review screen. Live data is then fed right from your business application to be reviewed and mastered. Reinstate ownership back to your data by having multiple users review duplicate records. Achieve this by manually selecting your best record, filling the best data, and then merge your records to create a single customer view within minutes.

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