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Email Authentication

DQ Email Authentication™

Boost your sender reputation and email deliverability

Address Search

DQ Address Search™

Ensure addresses are correct and complete upon entry

Phone authentication

DQ Phone Authentication™

Test phone numbers entering your CRM in real time

doc of compliance (4)

DQ Compliance™

AML compliance through quick access to Experian KYC data

Additional Info

DQ Additional Info™

Retrieve additional information from DQ Capture Solutions

After downloading

Click here to register on the DQ Shop for your FREE credits. After registering, you will receive an email with a unique API Key and Password which are used to enable the functionality of the DQ Capture tools.

If you need any help with installation, we recommend our wiki which provides detailed step by step instructions for installing the DQ Capture tools:

DQ Compliance

DQ Phone Authentication

DQ Address Search

DQ Email Authentication