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Designed to prevent Poor Quality Data from entering Dynamics 365 CE

DQ for Dynamics™ Capture is built to provide everyday Dynamics 365 users with a powerful point of entry data capture solution. Ensuring data is consistent, complete, and unique upon entry. From simple formatting and address verification to fully contact and company data enrichment, DQ Capture and Enrich removes the frustration of CRM data collection, turning data entry into a quick and easy task for all CRM users.

What is DQ For Dynamics™ Capture?

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Duplicate Detection

Fed up with duplicates entering your D365 instance? We believe prevention is better than cure. Bolster your duplicate detection and provide your users with the tools required to find potential duplicate records.

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Email/Phone Authentication

Empower your CRM users and ensure your Sales and Marketing teams have the high-quality data they require. Check to see if email/phone number deliver or dial and write back results to your CRM instance. Maintain sender reputations and increase your click to dial rate.

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Address Verification

Save time, increase accuracy and improve the consistency of your CRM addresses. Point of entry address verification provides users with an easy and quick way to add address information to a record in CRM. Search for an address and return the full address along with a long list of additional info.

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Company Data Enrichment

Fed up with manually entering data when creating a new account? Add company information for free by choosing from over 12 million company profiles worldwide. Simply search by company domain and return FREE HQ data directly into your Dynamics Account entity.

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Contact Enrichment

No one likes adding or updating data in CRM. Save time on data entry by returning data you wouldn’t otherwise acquire. Achieve this by creating a simple search criteria and returning contacts to be tagged and automatically added to CRM.

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AML/Suppression Checks

Ensure your data is fully compliant and up to date. Verify contact records to check and see if they are deceased, gone away or have expressed a preference not to be contacted. Or, go a stage further and check to verify the company or personal information to ensure you complete necessary due diligence checks.

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Our overall data quality, data integrity and uniformity has been remarkably improved. This has led to correct and precise information and reporting. DQ for Dynamics™ is nothing but exceptional! The user interface is very user-friendly, easy-to-use, and incredibly fast.

Senior Business Process Analyst at BPM LLP

What is the DQ For Dynamics™ Capture module?

Other DQ for Dynamics™ Modules



Ensure all of your data is fit for your users by running batch cleansing of your CRM data.

Validate, verify and enrich your; Email, Phone, Address, Company or Contacts data and Record Suppression.



Find duplicate records, master your data and consolidate your data into a Single Record View

Match – Fuzzy record Search logic
Master – Master your Golden record right within MS Dynamics
Merge – Merge records to create a single customer view that you can trust.

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