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Improve your Dynamics CRM Efficiency, Save Time and Increase User Satisfaction

Pay-as-you-go model for additional credits to verify and authenticate your Dynamics 365 CRM data at the point of entry

DQ Phone Authentication

Phone authentication

Test phone numbers entering your CRM in real time, to quickly identify their authenticity

DQ Address Search

Address Verification

Ensure addresses are correct and complete upon entry by using our worldwide address verification tool 

DQ Email Authentication

Email Aithentication (1)

 Boost your sender reputation and email deliverability by eliminating the risk of inaccurate Email addresses

Provides consistent customer data
Prevents duplicates entering your CRM system
Real-time authentication for accuracy and deliverability
Enhances privacy and security
Puts you in control of your customer data
Creates personalised marketing with confidence
Empowers your CRM users with high quality data
Reduces data entry time

How DQ Capture Benefits You

DQ Capture ensures you maintain high quality customer data at point of entry. Our data validation tools authenticate emails, phone numbers, and addresses. Eliminating the risk of entering poor quality data into your CRM.

Prevention is better than cure, stop poor quality data from entering your Dynamics 365 CE with real-time verification and authentication. Keep your customer data unique, consistent, and complete to eradicate poor CRM data collection and turn data entry into a quick and easy task.


DQ Email Authentication

Use the DQ Email Authentication tool to verify emails entering your CRM in real-time

DQ Email Authentication allows you to verify email addresses without sending emails. You’ll be able to check the authenticity of an email upon data entry and identify the date in which an email was last authenticated. Clean, validated emails in your CRM will enable successful email campaigns with the help of higher sender reputation and reduced bounce back.

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DQ Address Search

Our address verification tool to capture correct and standardised addresses

DQ Address Search works across all entities and allows users to search for addresses across 250+ countries, all from within their own CRM system. Automatically populate address fields with correctly formatted, high quality data to speed up work processes and prevent the risk of entering inconsistent or incorrect Customer Data.

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address search

DQ Phone Authentication

Validate phone numbers upon entry for high quality CRM Data

Personalised calls are a valuable marketing asset, increase contact rates and improve sales with accurate phone numbers. Our phone validation software allows users to check in real time the authenticity of a phone number when capturing data. You’ll be able to find out if a phone number is active as well as seeing when the number was last authenticated to ensure you can remain confident in the quality of your data.


Other DQ for Dynamics™ abilities



Batch Cleanse and enrich your Customer Data within Dynamics 365.

Provides D365 users with an easy-to-use bulk data cleansing tool, removing the time-consuming task of ongoing CRM data cleansing.



Match, Master and Merge Duplicate Records to create a SCV in D365.

Designed to help you tackle duplicate records when the out-of-the-box duplicate detection and merge tools just aren’t enough.

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