Cleanse for Infor CRM is a bundle which provides advanced deduplication and data management for accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities, it guarantees records are intelligently merged, re-assigned and correctly synchronised.

Both Capture for Infor CRM and Cleanse for Infor CRM are designed to eradicate duplicates by detecting, correcting and preventing duplicates in Infor CRM and delivering accurate, trusted data. The result – a duplicate free Single Customer View (SCV) you can rely on.


Working right inside Infor CRM means no external application, no data migration, a familiar interface and simple review process.

Product Benefits

Our Cleanse for Infor CRM bundle works on data already in your Infor CRM CRM system.  It will identify duplicates and intelligently merge them so you achieve the following:

  • Duplicate free data for a single customer view (SCV)
  • Reduction in the time wasted retrieving and re-working data
  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction due to a deeper knowledge of your customer
  • Better decision making based on trusted data

Product Features


CRM Data Quality

Based upon over 20 years of CRM Data Quality experience, we have built Cleanse for Infor CRM to overcome the following challenges:

Word reversals, Abbreviations, Typo’s

Phonetic similarity in 5 spoken languages

Synonyms, homonyms and acronyms

Superfluous noise words

Missing data, and much more…

DQ Global Making Data Fit For Business

Intelligent Record Merging

Records are intelligently merged using pre-merge and/or post-merge logic you define using either SQL or VB Script to overcome numerous data re-alignment challenges including:

Re-assigning foreign keys not defined in Infor CRM

Primary record selection

SEC Code conflicts

Multi-Pick list merge conflicts

DQ Global Making Data Fit For Business

Creating Clean Data

Our Cleanse for Infor CRM bundle will identify duplicates, allow users to interactively review records in split screen view for acceptance or rejection, then intelligently merge records using our advanced rules processing capability.

DQ Global Making Data Fit For Business

Identifying Duplicates

Duplicates can be identified from any entity, or any Infor CRM® list. You define the matching criteria and Cleanse for Infor CRM will do the hard work of finding the duplicates.

DQ Global Making Data Fit For Business

Reviewing & Accepting

Once duplicates have been identified we use the split screen view to smoothly process records through a workflow into special groups of: accepted, declined, pre-processed and merged.


Address Verification

Available as a transaction based service Nhance, part of the Cleanse for Infor CRM bundle, seamlessly references your addresses against international postal data.  It then verifies records to ensure addressing errors are formatted, corrected and missing data appended.  With Nhance you will always have the correct address.

Code Free Solution

Fuzzy Matching

Cleanse for Infor CRM uses DQ Fonetix™ algorithms to fuzzy match data against each other, not only finding identical groups of data but also non-identical.

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DQ Global was established almost 20 years ago, with a view to providing companies with the software tools required to deal with the growing problems of managing Data Quality.

Our clients use our powerful data cleansing capabilities for data governance, master data management, data migration and integration projects, business rules automation and single customer view.
Armed with accurate and trusted data they have been able to drive out waste, reduce risk and make better informed business decisions.

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