Capture for Infor CRM is a bundle which ensures your CRM Data Quality is right first time, every time. Formatting, standardizing and fuzzy matching data prior to record entry, prevents Infor CRM users unintentionally introducing duplicate account or contact records.

Both Capture for Infor CRM and  Cleanse for Infor CRM are designed to eradicate duplicates by detecting, correcting and preventing duplicates in Infor CRM therefore delivering accurate, trusted data. The result – a duplicate free Single Customer View (SCV) you can rely on.

Working right inside Infor CRM means no external application, no data migration, a familiar interface and simple review process.

Product Benefits

Capture for Infor CRM prevents bad data or duplicates from entering your CRM system and offers the following benefits:

  • Duplicate prevention for improved user acceptance and a single customer view (SCV)
  • Financial savings by avoiding data scrap and re-work
  • Non-exact (fuzzy) searching and retrieval using our like DQ Fonetix™ algorithms, leading to quicker responses and decision making
  • Consistent record formatting
  • Proper case management
  • Salutation generation
  • Optional – address verification

Product Features

DQ Global Making Data Fit For Business

Create High Quality Data in CRM System

Improving data quality should be a key part of any business’s IT strategy. Capture for Infor CRM helps businesses deliver high  data quality to deliver single customer views, avoid non-compliance penalties, damaged brand and waste in constant data correction.


Address Verification

Capture for Infor CRM seamlessly integrates with hosted address verification services to deliver address capture and correction services on a value based transaction base model.

Data Integration and Data Migration

Fuzzy Matching & Scoring

Capture for Infor CRM uses our DQ Fonetix™ algorithms to fuzzy match records against each other, not only finding identical groups of data but also non-identical.

Data Quality Improvement

To improve data quality  for Infor CRM users we have encapsulated over 20 years of experience, so you overcome challenges like :

  • Word reversals
  • Abbreviations
  • Typo’s
  • Phonetic similarity in 5 spoken languages
  • Synonyms, homonyms and acronyms
  • Superfluous noise words
  • Missing data and much more…

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DQ Global was established almost 20 years ago, with a view to providing companies with the software tools required to deal with the growing problems of managing Data Quality.

Our clients use our powerful data cleansing capabilities for data governance, master data management, data migration and integration projects, business rules automation and single customer view.
Armed with accurate and trusted data they have been able to drive out waste, reduce risk and make better informed business decisions.

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