Integrating customer, supplier and operational data residing at different sources and in different formats, and providing users with a unified view of the data, poses a challenge for many companies.

Complications arise when attempting to merge data from legacy systems into a new system. It is not realistic to assume that any two systems that maintain the same sort of data will easily map to each other. Legacy systems may suffer from a lack of clear definition of data requirements, field values, naming conventions, etc. and merging data with different formats and structures can be a hazard-prone process and the cause of delays and increased costs.

All too often, customer data integration highlights data quality problems that require a comprehensive solution to deal with inconsistent, incomplete or inaccurate data, lack of conformity, lack of integrity and duplicate records.

Use our appRules Portal™ for your Data Integration Project

Using a proven data profiling and integration solution to merge information from disparate sources will ensure a successful customer Data Integration Project with minimal delays and costs.

appRules Portal™ is a powerful all in one solution that lets you tackle your Data Integration Project in the most efficient manner – It can be deployed on premise or in the cloud.

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appRules Portal™ can provide solutions for:

  • Data Integration, Replication & Synchronization
  • Workflow Automation
  • Powerful Business Rules Orchestration
  • Data Cleansing
  • Master Record Management
  • Data Verification

appRules Portal™ has over 100 connectors to a host of business applications including:

Click here to view the full libary of appRules Portal™ Connectors

How can our appRules Portal™ Software help you with your Data Integration?

DQ Global Making Data Fit For Business


Our products Integrate with leading databases and applications

DQ Global Making Data Fit For Business

Single Customer View

Link disparate data sources to deliver Single Customer View (SCV)

Code Free Solution

Master Data Management

Deliver Master Data Management (MDM) projects

DQ Global Making Data Fit For Business

Remove Duplicates

Create duplicate free data you can TRUST for better decision making


Correct & Verify

Correct and Verify addresses & postcodes

Data Integration and Data Migration

Data Enrichment

Append Additional Data using external reference files

Integrate | Automate | Consolidate | Cleanse

Next generation software for: data migration, application integration, business process automation, data cleansing & business rules execution.

Ready to find out more?

DQ Global was established almost 20 years ago, with a view to providing companies with the software tools required to deal with the growing problems of managing Data Quality.

Our clients use our powerful data cleansing capabilities for data governance, master data management, data migration and integration projects, business rules automation and single customer view.
Armed with accurate and trusted data they have been able to drive out waste, reduce risk and make better informed business decisions.

Clients who trust us with their data...

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