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What is DQ DedupeExpress?

DQ DedupeExpress is a powerful software utility which interrogates database tables in search of duplicate records. The search criteria are defined by the user, from comprehensive range of advanced match operators which include phonetic, direct word match, telephone/fax number and name initials.

Can I control the deletion of duplicate records?

DQ DedupeExpress allows you to review and confirm the deletion of any records identified as duplicates. Data can also be edited from the duplicate record to enhance the master record by cutting and pasting the required information.

Does DQ DedupeExpress provide an export facility?

Yes – it is possible to export selected data fields and/or a list reflecting the Master/Duplicate relationships to a CSV format file.

How many data fields can be used in DQ DedupeExpress search criteria?

There is no limit to the number of fields which may be selected during the search process.

How long does it take to perform a de-duplication session?

DQ DedupeExpress performance times vary according to the size of database(s) used, as well as the amount and type of search criteria selected. Network speed, processor speed, memory available will also affect your performance, typically between 1 to 1.5 million records an hour.

Can DQ DedupeExpress be set to run outside working hours?

No unfortunately this capability is not available in DQ DedupeExpress but is available in our DQ Match product.

Can I use DQ DedupeExpress in a Client Server environment?

DQ DedupeExpress has been designed to work with databases irrespective of their environment.

Can I run DQ DedupeExpress without importing data from my database?

There is no import, formatting or preparation of data required if your database type is supported.

Can DQ DedupeExpress process one database against another?

DQ DedupeExpress can search a single database table for duplicates or search between two tables regardless of their format or database type. For example it can search an MS Access table against a MS SQL Server table.

What kind of machine do I need to run DQ DedupeExpress?

To install and run DQ DedupeExpress you will need Intel or AMD CPU. Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP minimum 512mb. Vista and Windows 7 32bit minimum 1Gb. Vista and Windows 7 64bit minimum 2Gb.

Can I use DQ DedupeExpress for single customer view (SCV) projects?

Yes, DQ DedupeExpress has been used by many clients to help build a single customer view (SCV).

Can I use DQ DedupeExpress for Master Data Management (MDM) projects?

Yes, DQ DedupeExpress has been used to assist with identifying the associations required to deliver Master Data Management (MDM) projects.

How many spoken languages does DQ DedupeExpress support?

Currently DQ DedupeExpress supports: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Does DQ DedupeExpress use phonetic match key generation techniques?

Yes, it generates and uses phonetic match keys in conjunction with other techniques for data normalization.

Does DQ DedupeExpress use deterministic or probabilistic logic for matching?

It uses both for what we believe delivers realistic matching.

What does DQ DedupeExpress do other than matching and de-duplication?

DQ DedupeExpress can also flag records.

Will DQ DedupeExpress work with the database already have?

DQ DedupeExpress is an ODBC-compliant application which connects to all popular database formats as laid out in the enclosed feature list.

What are the benefits of using DQ DedupeExpress?

DQ DedupeExpress will increase your overall profitability and efficiency by identifying and allowing removal of replicated data from your database. Savings come from reduced postage, stationery and reduced database administration, while at the same time enhancing your company image.

Is DQ DedupeExpress easy to use?

Yes – DQ DedupeExpress is a Microsoft Windows application, with an intuitive point-and-click interface backed up by a context-sensitive online help facility and comprehensive user documentation.

Which databases does DQ DedupeExpress connect to?

DQ DedupeExpress connects to all leading databases.


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