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Frequently Asked Questions

Data Security FAQs

How we handle your data
How do you read of data from CRM to the DQ Perfect & Merge™ hosted service?

Where On-Line – Data is retrieved from the hosted CRM using secure https connectivity

Where On-Premise – no data leaves your environment

Where do you store retrieved data?

Retrieved data is stored in a temporary database:

    • The CRM entity data is fed into our hosted Match engine service, which is then stored in temporary Database for processing.
    • The database is password protected
    • The field values are fully Encrypted using a SymmetricAlgorithm
    • After processing, the temporary Database is deleted
    • Matching record ID’s derived from the temporary Match engine database are passed and stored in a results list database.
    • Only the Matching record Unique Id’s (GUID’s) are permanently stored in a results list database, for subsequent P&M processing
    • The session result list GUID’s are used to retrieve data for P&M duplicate review
Tell me more about encryption?
In regards to encryption, what length encryption key are you using with the SymmetricAlgorithm (ie. 128-bit, 256-bit, etc.)?

We use SHA256 with RSA.

Can you confirm the TLS 1.2 is leveraged for https / port 443 traffic?


How do you dispose of data?
    • Except for the above temporary encrypted data store, any CRM data is retrieved from the active CRM for review in the P&M review screens, using the relevant UniqueId (GUID)