See below for our Cleanse for Infor CRM AQs. If you have any questions please Get in Touch.

What is DQ Cleanse?

DQ Cleanse for Infor CRM is bundle which provides advanced data management for accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities. It guarantees records are intelligently merged, re-assigned and correctly synchronised; ensuring data is fit for business.

What are the benefits for using DQ Cleanse for Infor CRM Software?
  • Duplicate free data for a single customer view (SCV)
  • Reduction in the time wasted retrieving and re-working data
  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction due to a deeper knowledge of your customer
  • Better decision making based on trusted data.
Is DQ Cleanse Specific to a certain CRM system?

Yes, DQ Cleanse is a bundle which works directly inside Infor CRM.

Do you have an evaluation licence of DQ Cleanse?

Yes, DQ Cleanse can be evaluated on your own system, please contact us to arrange.

How is DQ Cleanse licenced?

DQ Cleanse is licensed on a yearly subscription based on the number of users.

Can I run DQ Cleanse within Infor CRM?

Yes, DQ Cleanse is a Infor CRM bundle which works directly inside, keeping the look and feel of Infor CRM

How fast is DQ Cleanse for Infor CRM?

DQ Cleanse is a fast and accurate bundle which encapsulates all of our deduplication expertise.

Can I run DQ Cleanse for Infor CRM without exporting/importing my data?

DQ Cleanse works directly on the live data, so no data is migrated, making the process secure and fast.

Can DQ Cleanse for Infor CRM dedupe my CRM System?

Yes, DQ Cleanse will identify duplicates, allow users to interactively review records in split screen view for acceptance or rejection, then intelligently merge records using our advanced rules processing capability.


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