See below for our Capture for Infor CRM FAQs. If you have any questions please Get in Touch.

What is DQ Capture for Infor CRM?

DQ Capture for Infor CRM is a bundle which ensures you get data quality right the first time.  It formats and standardizes data and uses fuzzy searching prior to record entry, to prevent Infor CRM users unintentionally introducing duplicate account or contact records

What are the benefits for using DQ Capture for Infor CRM Software?
  • Duplicate prevention for improved user acceptance and a single customer view (SCV)
  • Financial savings by avoiding data scrap and re-work
  • Non-exact (fuzzy) searching and retrieval using our DQ Fonetixル algorithms, leading to quicker responses and decision making
  • Consistent record formatting
  • Correct case management
Is DQ Capture specific to a certain CRM?

Yes, DQ Capture is a bundle which works directly inside Infor CRM.

Can DQ Capture prevent duplicates in my CRM System?

DQ Capture for  Infor CRM formats, standardizes and fuzzy matches data prior to record entry, which prevents Infor CRM users unintentionally introducing duplicate account or contact records.

Can DQ Capture use a postcode tool when entering addresses?

DQ Capture integrates with hosted address verification services, to deliver address capture and correction services on a value based transaction base model.

How is DQ Capture licenced?

DQ Capture for Infor CRM is licensed on a yearly subscription based on the number of users.

Do you have an evaluation licence of DQ Capture?
  • Yes, DQ Capture for Infor CRM can be evaluated on your own system, please contact us to arrange.


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