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Why use addressing software instead of a bureau service?

We offer a Bureau Service, however, it does not treat the root cause of bad data once as opposed to perpetually treating the effects by sending it to a bureau.

How much interactive reviewing do you generally need to do with Authentic8?

That depends on the quality of the input data, there are four states, (a) Correct, (b) Corrected, (c) Ambiguous, i.e. there are multiple possibilities of a match for review. Or, (d) Incorrect, the address is not able to be matched nor corrected.

Does Authentic8 import and export address records to verify?

“There is no need for any error prone import and export routines. Authentic8 connects to your chosen database and can either

(1) output to a new database table, (2) update new columns in the existing table, or (3) overwrite the input data where determined correct.”

Can I standardize addresses without verifying them as postally deliverable?

Not currently in Authentic8, this is a feature we are adding to our DQ 360 product.

How can I deal with Vanity Addresses?

This is always a difficult area, however, using the VB script or by writing out the corrected data to new fields it is possible to detect vanity data and preserve the personalisation people demand.

Why do I need to bother correcting my addresses?

Because having the wrong address means your message will probably not get delivered, you offend the recipient and you waste money unnecessarily on postage and collateral.

What are the benefits of pre or post-processing?

You can parse, standardize and format your data as a pre-process, before being sent to the addressing engine to ensure you obtain the best results. Likewise for post processing you can update your corrected data to a chosen target or propagate to multiple systems if running a Master Data Management (MDM) or Single Customer View (SCV) project.

Is there any re-try logic?

Yes, you may re-try and take the benefit of the inbuilt VB script to recover address records which otherwise might fail first time round.

Do I get result codes reported from the address processing?

Yes, every record looked at has a result code recorded against it so you may analyse the results and be certain of the accuracy of your data.

Can I interactively review ambiguous address records?

Yes, where more than one record may be a candidate, Authentic8 allows you to review and correct them in an intuitive review screen.

Is there a limit to the number of records I can process?

No there is no limit to the number of rows which can be processed by Authentic8.

How fast will it process my address data?

This is very dependent on the machine you run Authentic8 on, the quality of the data and several other factors. On average though it will process between 400,000 and 600,000 records per hour.

Can I use Authentic8 with my CRM system or other business applications?

Yes, Authentic8 connects directly to your database to retrieve records and verify them without the need for error prone export or re-import. You can write the data directly back to the database, to new fields in the database or to a new database altogether.

What is Authentic8?

Authentic8 is an easy to use business application for the correction and validation of international addresses for up to 230 countries, which increases the accuracy of name and address data so your direct marketing is: delivered, more effective, better targeted, less wasteful, and where used with suppression data, avoids distressing the bereaved and complies with legislation MPS, TPS, FPS, CTP.

Is Authentic8 available as an API?

Is Authentic8 available as an API?

What type of databases can Authentic8 work with?

It can work with all the leading database vendors and flat file formats. It attaches to databases using: Native Drivers, ODBC or UDL connections so that data can be compared to the reference address data sets for address correction and address validation.

Does Authentic8 have any other built in capabilities?

Optionally, VB scripting extends the functionality of the product and enables complex pre and post processing and re-try logic to be implemented. It provides access to all the capabilities of the DQ Toolkit also for data formatting and manipulation.

Does Authentic8 connect to my database?

Connects to virtually any database format and structure to overcome the challenge of data import and export.

How many datasets can Authentic8 use?

Authentic8 can use a range of datasets address correction in 230 countries and extensive UK suppression and enhancement.


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