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Perfect & Merge LogoDuplicate detection and multi-record merge software for MS Dynamics CRM users. More powerful than the out of the box detection.

Online Solution

Online 2011,2013,2015,2016 & 365

Audit Module

Advance Find Module

IFD or On Premise Solution

IFD  or On Premise 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016 & 365

Installation & Access Settings Guide for Perfect & Merge

Download Guide 

Next generation software for: data migration, application integration, business process automation, data cleansing & business rules execution

Download appRules

DQ Match Logo

Deduplication cross matching data cleansing software designed to work directly with your database(s) or CRM applications. 

Download Match

Data Quality logo

DQ Licence Manager

Download Licence Manager

Driver for MS Access MS Access

Download Access Driver


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