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What is DQ for Dynamics™ Cleanse?

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Batch Cleanse Addressing

Choose from a multitude of provides which allows your to check your Dynamics CRM addresses from 240+ countries. Once verified, return additional information and append this to your CRM records. additional information

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Batch Email/Phone Authentication

Protect your domain reputation and increase your click to dial. Ultimately improve the confidence of the data for your marketing and sales teams. Check the deliverability of your email and phone numbers. Return if an email will bounce, non deliver, or is a catch all account.

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Batch AML/Suppression

Text to be added

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Batch Formatting/Transforming

Fed up with multiple formatting errors and field inconsistencies? DQ for Dynamics™ Cleanse allows you to define your formatting rules and apply them in one easy process.

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Batch Company Data Enrichment

Constantly battling with missing company information? Batch process your Account records to add SIC, Turnover, No. of employees amongst other critical company statistics.

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Batch Contact Addition

Are you concerned with adding hundred or thousands of contact records through excel import? Well now you can add relevant, up to date data from within dynamics CRM. Acquire contact data that can be appended straight to your lead entity or under a previous account.

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Although the main checks are now complete, we are still using the system to monitor new data and ensure that we maintain quality and uniqueness of records.

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Other DQ for Dynamics™ Modules



Ensure you have the correct systems in place to prevent bad data from entering your CRM. Capture and Enrich your customer data when adding new records in CRM. Achieve this by:

1) Point of entry Duplicate Check
2) Check deliverability of emails and phone numbers
3) Verify addresses from 240+ countries
4) Enrich Account/Contact Data from a database of 550 million records



Find duplicate records, master your data and consolidate your data into a Single Record View

Match – Fuzzy record Search logic
Master – Master your Golden record right within MS Dynamics
Merge – Merge records to create a single customer view that you can trust.

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