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In Need of Customer Data Migration and Integration Help?

Moving customer data from one CRM system to Dynamics 365 is a delicate process and requires planning. As with all data migration projects, creating a strategy and choosing the right data migration system is important.

Struggling to Manage Your Data? Are you:

1. Exhausted by the challenges of inadequate data modelling, leading to ineffective Dynamics 365 setups?
2. Frustrated with the laborious task of tidying up disorganised data prior to migration into Dynamics 365?
3. Irritated by the absence of automated mechanisms to uphold data integrity and coherence within Dynamics 365?


Choosing The Right Data Strategy

With so many options available, including CRM data migration services and data migration software – how do you know what’s right for your business’s needs?

As one of the industry’s top, award-winning data migration companies with over 25 years of experience supporting businesses with their customer data quality woes, we are excited to introduce DQ Studio, our cutting-edge tool designed to streamline the data migration and integration process for Dynamics 365.


What Are The Benefits of Using DQ Studio?

Reduced project delivery time
Low code/No code UI
Enhanced data quality
Automate complex processes
Reduce risk of errors
Improved integrity and security
CRM Data Migration

CRM Data Migration

Simplify your data migration process with our CRM Data Migration software, offering a fast and robust solution to transfer your data to Dynamics 365. We handle everything, from extracting data from legacy, on-premise, and cloud systems to ensuring optimal data quality through transformation.

Rest assured that your data will undergo a meticulous process of formatting, enrichment, and deduplication before being inserted or updated in your Dynamics 365 applications, ensuring a smooth migration process.

Data Integration Platform

Data Integration Platform

Struggling to consolidate customer data scattered across multiple platforms? Our Data Integration Platform offers a seamless solution, integrating data from over 130 connectors, including CRM, ERP, Marketing, and eCommerce systems.

Easily transition to a single customer view, moving past inefficiencies. With endless data integration possibilities, you'll have the freedom to focus on what truly matters - delivering exceptional customer experiences.

What Will Happen During Your Data Improvement Discovery Session?

During your Dynamics migration and integration discovery session, we will delve into the challenges you’re facing with data quality and understand your business objectives in greater detail.

From here, we will provide guidance on practical and actionable solutions that have been tried and tested in Dynamics migration and integration projects.

At the end of the session, you will have a clear roadmap to help you unlock the value in your customer data within Dynamics and overcome the data quality challenges that are impeding your progress.

Our expert advice will assist you in your Dynamics data migration project, including selecting the most suitable data migration software for automated data migration.


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