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With over 1.5 million data points, DQ on Demand™ provides developers with a vast array of customer data quality functions.

Native to Azure, DQ on Demand™ is architected to provide incredible performance and scalability. Switch data providers with ease and enhance your customer data on a pay-as-you-go basis by plugging straight into our DQ on Demand™ web services, providing you with an easy to access data quality marketplace.

1st Party APIs


Obtain information from a piece of data by analysing its structure, pattern, or values. e.g. derive a gender from a first name, country ISO code from a telephone number, or segment contacts by job roles. This extra information can help drive insights into your data and can be fed into marketing campaigns or drive further data analysis.


Data is often entered into a database in various formats and structures. Using our vast metaverse of data transformations, users can leverage this DQ function to format worldwide telephone numbers, email addresses, I.P. address, URL’s and many more…


Surface more duplicates by generating phonetic match keys used for deduplication, including: DQ Fonetix™, DQSoundex, DQMetaphone and more…


Manipulate data by splitting data into its constituent parts. Including: Email Addresses, I.P. Address, URL’s and more…


Compare elements of a record to assess its congruence. Analyse two data field values to examine if they are aligned. For example, does a dialling code align with the country field or ISO code?


Transform data (Abbreviate, Elaborate, Exclude or Normalize) in 5 spoken languages. Choose from 11 different transformation libraries including: Business, Countries, First Names and Addressing… e.g. Abbreviate country transform (United Kingdom to UK).


The DQ Compare function gives users the ability to analyse if records are legitimate matches, essential when bulk processing duplicate records. Score the similarity between records and choose from multiple comparison methods, including: Levenshtein, Jaro Winkler and more…


From our DQ Metaverse, identify extra information about a piece of data. E.g. Brian or Sven is a person name, Road, Strasse or Rue are address elements, and Ltd or LLC are Company legal suffix.

String Functions

StringisISO, StringRemove, StringReplace, StringTransform, String Extract, Stringstartsends, StringExtension, StringCleanse


Check the syntactical validity of Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, I.P. Address, URL’s and more… e.g. A telephone containing 3 digits is not Valid, nor is an email without an ‘@’ symbol.


Use our online matching service to return duplicate records. Achieve this through defining match groups and their match weightings, whilst also selecting from various phonetic matching algorithms.


Score records by choosing from a large set of record scoring options; customise your group weightings, score misaligned data and select from various data specific scoring rules.

Copy of Connect to over 130+ data sources and targets with

3rd Party APIs


Truly confirm if a piece of data, record or entity is Authentic. e.g. Will an email truly deliver to an inbox or telephone number dial?


Discover whether people are deceased, gone away, or have expressed a preference not to be contacted.


Cross reference third party data to enrich your database for marketing, sales, or compliance purposes. Add contact or company data to existing datasets and ensure you maintain a complete and accurate database.


Match records against reference data, including: Addressing which covers 240 Countries, Location GeoCodes, Company Names, People living at an address and more, ensuring personalised experience to your customers.


Acquire additional records to add to your existing dataset or build a database from scratch. Define your search criteria and insert records into your database, marketing, or business application, ready for the business to utilise.


Update your existing name and address records in order to hold the latest and most current data, which creates persistent unified data.

What is DQ on Demand™?

Data Quality Marketplace (1) Data Quality Marketplace

Many data services are available including: Data Cleansing, Enrichment, Formatting, Validation, Verification, Data Transformations and many more...

Web Based APIs Web Based APIs

Simply connect to our web based API’s. Switch data providers with ease, giving you ultimate flexibility. Benefit from complete developer documentation.

Credit based consumption Credit-Based Consumption

Only pay for what you use. Purchase credits and apply them to whatever service you require. Easy to set up and use.

How to access DQ on Demand™

DQ for Excel™

Expose all of our DQ on Demand™ functions right within Excel for a familiar, easy to use
low-code – no-code solution

DQ for Dynamics™

Ensure your data is cleansed right within MS Dynamics with our DQ PCF controls

Cleanse addressing, emails, phones, company and person data and many more…

API Documentation

Orchestrate your own data quality architecture by calling our API’s


Use our fully documented apiary test harness and try for yourself

Power Apps Connector

Access all our DQ on Demand™ functions through our Power App connector

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Pay As You Go

Buy various credit packs to exactly meet
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Use credits across our suite of
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Credits expire after 1 Year


12 month or multi-year license

Scalable on demand

Full technical support for tailored setup

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