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Transform the way you search across accounts, contacts, and leads in D365 with fuzzy matching

DQ for Dynamics Search is the ultimate search solution which allows you to easily search across accounts, contacts, and leads with unmatched speed and accuracy.

Using advanced fuzzy matching and data transformation capabilities, our tool is 3x faster than Microsoft’s built-in search function, and requires no coding or technical expertise to use.


The DQ for Dynamics Search Tools

Advanced Fuzzy Matching

Advanced Fuzzy Matching

Eliminate the frustration of inaccurate search results caused by spelling errors or typos. Our tools utilises advanced fuzzy matching technology, intelligently recognising variations of search terms to deliver precise results.

Manage duplicate records effortlessly, maintaining data consistency and integrity across your CRM platform.

Improved Record Management

Improved Record Management

Say goodbye to wasted time on manual record searches. Streamline your process with DQ for Dynamics Search. Our tools offer quick and intuitive search functionalities, enabling efficient record management with fewer clicks.

Escape the annoyance of tedious manual searches and empower your team to focus on important tasks, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

Effortless Setup

Effortless Setup

Setting up the DQ for Dynamics Search tool is a breeze, requiring minimal time and technical expertise. With a straightforward setup process that takes under 30 minutes, seamlessly integrate the tool into your CRM without any coding requirements.

Enjoy a smooth transition and harness the power of efficient data search without the pain of disruptive setup procedures.

The Benefits of DQ for Dynamics Search

Provides confidence in your data search results
Ensures typos or synonyms don't impact your search results
Prevents adding duplicates within your CRM
Speeds up your record management process
Helps you to maintain a single customer view
Enables users to be more productive

Other DQ for Dynamics Capabilities


Data Capture

Capture ensures every entry into your CRM is consistent, complete, and unique, preventing you from the chaos of data errors.


Bulk Cleanse

Cleanse offers a user-friendly bulk data cleansing tool, saving you from the hard task of constant CRM data cleaning.


Consolidate Duplicates

Consolidate steps in when standard tools fall short, helping you handle duplicate records without the headache.

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