Reading of Data from CRM

  1. Data is retrieved from our hosted secured Server through service call with https connectivity.
  2. IOrganizationService.RetrieveMultiple Method is used to retrieve Database. (

Storing retrieved data into a temporary Database:

  1. To processing data into our Match engine we need to store data in temporary Database.
  2. The database is password protected
  3. The field values are Encrypted
  4. Once fed to the Match engine, the temporary Database is deleted

Data disposal

  1. Except for the above temporary encrypted data store, any data is retrieved from live for review, using the UniqueId (GUID) and then disposed

Passing data to Match engine

  1. Data from the temporary database is processed by the Match engine,
  2. Once used, the temporary Database is deleted
  3. Only the Matching record Unique Id’s (GUID’s) are permanently stored in a results list database for subsequent processing.

Review Processing

  1. The session result list GUID’s are used to retrieve data for review

Obfuscation & Encryption

  1. All DQ Global source code is protected by SmartAssembly (
  2. Data Encryption uses the SymmetricAlgorithm.  (

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DQ Global was established almost 20 years ago, with a view to providing companies with the software tools required to deal with the growing problems of managing Data Quality.

Our clients use our powerful data cleansing capabilities for data governance, master data management, data migration and integration projects, business rules automation and single customer view.
Armed with accurate and trusted data they have been able to drive out waste, reduce risk and make better informed business decisions.


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