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Our Data Bureau Services offer our clients a wide range of data cleansing capabilities without the need to purchase  our Data Quality Software, compile reference data sets or learn complex data management techniques.

We have expertise in working with local or international data to ensure it is formatted according to local needs. We work with address and phone data across the globe and we can transliterate and match data in Multiple Spoken Languages. Your data will always be treated with the utmost care and it will remain absolutely secure at all times.

Our team of experienced data quality professionals are experts in data management. They will listen to your data cleansing challenges and recommend the best way to achieve the levels of data quality you require within your budget. Once briefed, our data bureau services team will identify, correct or remove, incorrect, inconsistent or inaccurate records from the databases you supply to ensure you have data you can trust.

Data Bureau Services Delivery Options:

Data Setting Requirements

Virtual On-Site Services

As an extension of the On-Site service, we provide a virtual bureau service where, via a remote connection, we will connect, configure and run the data cleansing services.

Secure on site Data Services

Secure On-Site Services

If you prefer not to transfer your data off site, we are able to come to you with our data quality software and an experienced consultant will carry out the data cleansing services on your premises.

cross entity matching

Off-Site Services

Transfer your data to our secure servers and we will use our own industry-proven data quality software and data cleansing expertise to ensure your data is: audited, corrected, enhanced and returned to you fast and secure.

What our Data Bureau Services provide?

We offer a wide range of services to improve the quality of your International or local data including:

  • Remove Duplicate Data to create a Single Customer View
  • Data Migration - Moving data from one system to another while improving it along the way for a Single Customer View of your business data
  • Enrich your Data - Append missing or incomplete data for names, address, telephone numbers or emails
  • Validation of Emails/Phone Numbers - Verifying which emails/phone numbers are in a valid format
  • Suppression of Data - Comparing data against a Data Suppression File
  • Case Fixing - For example common errors include mr to Mr / road to Road / ltd to Ltd
  • Audit Report - Identifies the state of the data currently held within your database(s) by revealing the frequency counts of column data values and their formats. Additionally uniqueness, completeness, data types and integrity across data entities

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