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DQ Week 2020

Week (7)

Join us from the 13th to the 17th of July for the inaugural DQ Week.

DQ Week 2020 will provide a deep insight into the state of the data management industry and a full showcase of the trusted solutions we provide. There will be one 30 minute session at 15:30-16:00 BST each day throughout the week, each with an interesting new topic.

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13th July – A Data Fireside Chat with our CEO Martin Doyle

For our opening session, our CEO Martin Doyle will be interviewed by a long time friend of DQ Global, and Digital Marketing Guru Mr. Stephen Dann. In this session they will discuss the current state of the data industry, the story of DQ Global and the exciting future of data in everything that we do.

14th July – Add Rocket Fuel to your Dynamics CRM – A Perfect & Merge™ Masterclass

In our second session, Perfect & Merge™ aficionado Conor Doyle will be showcasing P&M’s exciting new interface and giving a masterclass on how to master the data inside of your CRM.

15th July – DQ for Excel™ and DQ on Demand™ – Official Launch Event

It’s time to officially launch our exciting new product offerings… DQ on Demand™ and DQ for Excel™. Join us for full product demos and a breakdown of the new capabilities on offer. Learn how to master the quality of your data from the comfort of Excel and call our Data Quality API’s through DQ on Demand™. You are really going to love what we have to show you…

16th July – The DMG Events Data Strategy Road map – with Guest Speaker Sunny Bath

Guest speaker and VP of Data Management at DMG Events (part of the Daily Mail Group), Sunny Bath, will present his ‘Data Strategy Road Map – for 2020 and beyond’, outlining some key ‘Data Maxims’ and the forward thinking approach that DMG Events have taken regarding data management. It is a session not to be missed…

17th July – The Leaning Tower of Data – A DQ Studio™ Masterclass

To close out DQ Week, Martin Doyle will be expanding upon his ‘Leaning Tower of Data’ analogy to explain how, if the data foundations are faulty, then the wisdom gained will be far from the truth. Martin will use DQ Studio™ as a tool to illustrate this analogy and demonstrate its capabilities.

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