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Blogs Article Why should you remove duplicate CRM data?

Why should you remove duplicate CRM data?

Conor Doyle October 11th, 2022 Article, CRM Data Cleansing, Data Deduplication, Data Governance
Why should you remove duplicate CRM data?

Duplicate CRM data is a common challenge for many businesses, it creates issues in correctly contacting customers and slows down work processes in your CRM.

De-duplicating customer data and creating a Single Customer View (SCV) can have several positive impacts on your business efficiency and productivity. In this quick guide, we highlight the business reasons for customer data deduplication…

DQ for Dynamics Consolidate

The perfect solution for duplicate CRM data, when the out-of-the-box duplicate detection and merge tools just aren’t enough to tackle your duplicate customer records.

With our DQ for Dynamics Consolidate solution, you can run match sessions to find duplicate records using fuzzy matching logic and an array of data transformations. Afterwards, it will present groups of duplicates back to users for duplicate review.

Quickly select your best record and seamlessly create a single customer view within your Dynamics CRM.

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Written by Conor Doyle

Conor has been at DQ Global for the past 3 years. He now leads the sales team to maintain and build client and business partner relationships. Throughout, he has gained extensive knowledge and experience surrounding Data Quality and established himself as an industry expert.