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DQ Blog Data Quality When do you Get More from Less?

When do you Get More from Less?

Martin Doyle April 3rd, 2012 Data Quality
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Like solving riddles? This one should be easy for any IT specialist familiar with this website. We are all about data quality, which comes from clean data; and clean data means fewer records because all the duplicates have been weeded out.

More Effective Marketing

You get an accurate list of mailing or email addresses for your marketing campaigns, with better results from a smaller investment in time and/or the expenses of direct mail. You’re getting more from less.

More Accurate Business Intelligence

Anyone who makes important business decisions might have to rely on reports received from different business departments. The reports, of course, will only be accurate if the records they are based on have been subjected to data scrubbing and dedupe software. If you have also integrated clean data from different departments onto a master database, using merge purge software, the reports can probably be more streamlined with fewer of them needed. Again you’re getting more from less.

More Detailed Customer Knowledge

If your customers buy from more than one outlet, and possibly online as well, you’ll have multiple records flying in from different locations. Sometimes the sales staff might make inputting errors with letters transposed or fingers hitting the wrong keys, so that it’s not so easy to recognise the same customer. Fuzzy matching software does it though, making it much easier to arrive at a single customer view. You’ll have fewer records but more data about each customer – more from less.

More Kudos to IT

Make sure you include the right data deduplication software and solutions for email data validation and address verification in your IT budget. This is definitely the way to get more esteem for IT with less work to do to ensure data quality in your organisation.



Written by Martin Doyle

Martin is CEO and founder of DQ Global, a Data Quality Software company based in the UK. With an engineering background, Martin previously ran a CRM Software business. He has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years and has established himself as a Data Quality Improvement Evangelist and an industry expert.