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DQ Blog Article Tips For Maximising Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

Tips For Maximising Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

Conor Doyle March 3rd, 2023 Article

SMS marketing campaigns have become an important aspect of modern marketing, allowing businesses to connect with their customers and prospects via text messages. In this guide, we’ll cover some quick tips for improving the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaigns.

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Understand the Benefits of SMS Marketing 

SMS marketing campaigns have a high response rate, with 98% of messages being opened and 90% being read within three minutes of being received. By using SMS marketing, businesses can promote deals, offer incentives, provide customer support, and send notifications to customers. 


98% of SMS messages are opened and 90% are read within three minutes of being received

Use Accurate and Up-to-Date Phone Numbers

To ensure that messages are delivered to the right audience, it’s important to have accurate and up-to-date telephone numbers in your customer database. You can use phone number validation, formatting, and authentication services to ensure that numbers are correct at the point of entry into your business systems, especially CRM’s.


Clean and Update Customer Data Regularly 

Periodically cleaning and updating customer data with data management tools can help remove duplicates and outdated information. Encouraging user adoption of your CRM system helps prevent data silos and reduces the risk of human error. Additionally, monitoring undeliverable messages in your SMS marketing campaigns can indicate invalid or outdated phone numbers that need to be updated or removed from your customer database.

Ensure Marketing Accuracy, Compliance, Reputation, and Cost-Effectiveness 

Having accurate customer data is crucial for marketing accuracy, compliance, reputation, and cost-effectiveness. By verifying phone numbers and maintaining up-to-date customer data, businesses can improve the effectiveness of their mobile campaigns and achieve better results. 


In Conclusion

An SMS marketing campaign is a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their customers and prospects. By following the tips outlined in this guide, businesses can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their SMS marketing campaigns, leading to increased revenue and improved customer retention.

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Written by Conor Doyle

Conor has been at DQ Global for the past 3 years. He now leads the sales team to maintain and build client and business partner relationships. Throughout, he has gained extensive knowledge and experience surrounding Data Quality and established himself as an industry expert.