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The perfect customer record

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Pivotal One2One Merge Manager and Match™ Deduplication

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Duplicate free, Single Customer View
Accurate matching and simplified merging of contact records

Savills is a leading global real estate service provider listed on the London Stock Exchange. The company, established in 1855, has a rich heritage with unrivalled growth. It is a company that leads rather than follows and now has over 200 offices and associates throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. Savills are regarded as an innovative thinking organisation backed up with excellent negotiating skills. Savills chooses to focus on a defined set of clients, therefore offering a premium service to organisations and individuals with whom they share a common goal.

The Data Quality Challenge

As with many global organizations, Savills have a high volume of customer and prospect data and rely on three Pivotal CRM systems configured differently for their data management. Although Savills had developed their own de-duping capability in Pivotal, each system required modification every time there was a change request, consuming precious development resource. So an improvement on this process was required in order to easily identify duplicates, create the perfect record and manage the merging, purging and data re-assignment processes. The task for DQ Global® was to show Savills how they could create a generic solution to identify duplicates at company, contact and address levels, create a master record into which any colliding One-to-One data could be merged, then re-assign all One-to-Many linked records to create the “Perfect Customer Record”; when all three of the Pivotal systems were configured differently.

The Solution Provider

With almost 20 years’ experience in data quality improvement, DQ Global® specialises in easy to use, database independent, data cleansing software which saves money and provides a platform for better informed decisions. Solutions range from simple desktop, through larger departmental databases to complex enterprise-wide single customer view and master data management initiatives. Head Quartered in Fareham, Hampshire, UK DQ Global® serve over 500 clients worldwide, including: Toshiba, Harvey Nichols, Standard Charter Bank, Pfizer and Siemens.

The Adopted Solution

DQ Global® designed a customised software solution for Savills, The Pivotal One2One Merge Manager; which can be used on any Pivotal CRM system. DQ Global’s Match™ product was then coupled into this technology for fast and accurate data cleansing. The One2One Manager is a reusable solution that interrogates any Pivotal CRM system for its structure and discovers any table relationships automatically. Furthermore, should any changes be applied to any of the Savills Pivotal systems they are dynamically picked up and actioned.

The image below describes how the One2One deduplication process works for Pivotal systems:

case study savills
savills deduplication-process image

A. The discovery process is launched to read the Pivotal BM and determine the following:
1. Tables
2. Fields
3. Field Types
4. Table IDs and Foreign Keys

B. A list of the fields used for merging 1:1 Data are displayed

C. The Pivotal Business Module (BM) contains meta-data used in designing and defining the Pivotal system.
Reading this meta-data provides the 1:1 manager with a list of objects and their characteristics for merging

D. The configuration file stores which tables are being used in the de-duplication and rules for processing

E. The One-to-One Manager enables users to identify and create the ‘Perfect record’. The perfect record is a cleaned master record which has had 1:1 data merged into it and to which child/duplicate records will be reassigned

The Result

The One2One Manager and Match software enhanced the previous processes of the Savills data management team and equipped them with the tools to better match records leading to less false positives which otherwise wasted their time.

The One2One process was applied to companies, contacts and addresses across multiple data sources resulting in a duplicate free, Single Customer View and the perfect record for each. With any linked data maintaining its relational integrity to the surviving master record and all the synchronization logic preserved. This meant Savills had accurate matching, simplified merging and time saving in the matching and reviewing processes.

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