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Single Customer View Solution

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DQ Studio™

Integrate, Migrate and Consolidate data.

Powerful, highly customisable master data management engine. With the ability to connect to over 130+ sources and targets.

Business Benefits

The company now has data it can trust, which allows them to better serve their customers, saving time, money and reputation.

The Data Quality Challenge

A world renowned publisher was having difficulty linking their book orders from different sources to the master data held in their Salesforce CRM system.

This was causing unnecessary scrap and re-work, did not provide a single customer view and prevented them from seeing the end to end sale to delivery process.

Data Quality Solution

DQ Global were engaged to deliver a Master Data Management solution which could consolidate and unify disparate data from multiple sources, to deliver a Mastered Golden Record stored in their Salesforce – system of record – CRM System.

DQStudio™ was integrated to read and write data from multiple data sources and targets including their website, Salesforce CRM and Data Warehouse to:

  • Cleanse the records
  • Fuzzy match records, then through configurable rules
  • Determine the best record from any duplicate set
  • Update the best field with value from duplicates again based on flexible rules.

The Results

The business now has a single customer view it can trust and as a result customers are better cared for. The hunt for where a customer’s book is, is no longer required as all the data linked to the customer is in the right place, at the right time and of the right quality.

The company’s mastered data is now in a form that can be trusted by the business and its employees for higher quality decision making, saving time and money and ensuring the retention of valuable customers.

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