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Business Needs

Deletion of Deduplicate Records to create Single Customer View.

DQ Global Solution

Data Deduplication Software

Business Benefits

Free of Duplicates giving Single Customer View
Reduced Cost on Mailings

The Company

Marcus Evans is one of the world’s most successful providers and promoters of strategic conferences, professional training, business to business congresses, corporate hospitality and online information. Founded in 1983, the company now employs over two thousand staff and operates in thirty one countries world-wide, providing a one-stop shop for a company’s business intelligence, learning and training needs.

The Data Quality Challenge

Marcus Evans needed to ensure that the large selections of client data records that are used for promoting customer events could be exported fast, efficiently and free of duplicates from the in house database for use in marketing campaigns. Poor quality data could potentially damage the marcus evans brand, waste budget on undeliverable communications and create additional data re-work for employees. One of the added value services that marcus evans is able to offer clients is worldwide list rental. In a competitive sector, marcus evans are renowned for delivering high quality, up to date and content rich data, time after time. Maintaining this credibility and the repeat business that this brings was a key consideration in selecting a data quality partner.

Selecting A Data Quality Solution

Jack Walker, list manager at marcus evans explains why DQ Global® were chosen for the task, “DQ Global® is widely considered to be the leading provider of data quality applications in the UK and the software has been proven over a number of years in the marketplace.” Jack goes on to say, “In terms of functionality, we found no other vendor able to offer such advanced technology and the fact that the software is an in house tool means that our staff now have ownership of data assets and are empowered to keep the database in optimum condition.”

The Results

The important task of getting data clean and keeping it clean is now achieved far more efficiently and effectively than the time consuming manual methods previously utilised by marcus evans. The unique online facility also enables the individual marketing teams to clean their own data whilst the batch processing tools allow larger volume data files to be cleaned quickly for the list rental market. The success of any new technology implementation is measured on return on investment and for marcus evans the gains have been significant, as Jack points out, ” There have been large financial savings from the time efficiencies enabled by the DQ implementation and the resultant reduction in duplicate mailings has had a big impact on the cost of direct marketing activity.”

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